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May 13, 2008

I love raiding! 5 mans, not so much.

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As a Prot Warrior there have been many ups and downs. I have had 5 mans go so poorly I wanted to re-spec to a DPS spec. I even got so down on my performance in 5 mans that at one point I played twinks for 2 months and did nothing but farm thorium on Tankette.

Things got better when I hit the Outlands. I had more good instance runs than poor ones but it was still a mixed bag. As I got close to level 70 I stumbled on to www.tankingtips.com and I was really able to gear up quickly with their guide to getting geared at level 70. Having lots of gold from farming (I typically farm 200g worth of stuff a day) I was able to get some BoE epics like the Felsteel Longsword,  Khorium Destroyer and Bracers of Green Fortress. (I guess I need to learn to link items in my blog, lol.) I was also able to purchase endless Fel Armaments and Marks to get Aldor Rep. Anyway, I had one goal for all my gearing efforts: Kara.

My big problem after getting geared was my guild. We had about 50 or so level 70 characters but none were particularly well geared. Worse, the guild leaders didn’t seem capable of getting a Kara run together and some guild officers didn’t seem to even want to do raids. Here’s where my lucky streak started.

My healer alt, Gius, had guild hopped many times while I was leveling. I was looking for a good raiding guild and one pulled me in. I guess they were doing a little open recruiting for a limited time becuase usually they require applications and background checks to get in. I was in this guild, The Good, Bad and Ugly (aka GBU), for a couple months. I didn’t play that character very often but I was around enough on guild chat, etc. that i got to know a few people and the GM. So when I was finally ready to give up on the old guild Tankette was in, and move her to GBU, she was accepted without an application. The conversation with the GM was funny. He had no idea that my healer wasn’t my main so he was surprised to know my main was a 70 warrior tank. He was more surprised when I told him I’d be bringing other 70’s from the old guild with me. It ended up being 6 of us that came over to GBU.

We were all welcomed into GBU and it felt like home right away.  After one week in GBU I got a slot into one of their weekly Kara runs as an offtank. OMG! It was so much fun as we mowed through bosses like they were nothing. The raid leader, who is also our GM, did such a great job telling me everything I needed to know or do. It was so much easier (and more fun) than 5 mans. And here is the really lucky part: Our MT was a well geared druid so I had no competition for tanking drops. I got 6 epics on my first run of Kara!! And, one of those was the King’s Defender!

So the second week of raiding I was already geared well enough to be MT in Kara. I’m not bragging, but I’m thinking that is pretty extraordinary. We even took down Prince in just 2 tries. By the 4th week of raiding I was an offtank in Gruuls and Mags. By week 6 I joined GBU’s top raiders in SSC. We downed Lurker after a couple nights and now we are working on Leo. On a few “off nights” I’ve been raiding ZA with our top guys. We took down the bear boss on our second try. The eagle boss has been a little tougher but we got him down last night, our 3rd night of trying. I was MT when we downed him. 8 weeks from Kara noob to MT in ZA. I am very happy about that!

So, 8 weeks of raiding and I am having the best times of all my WoW playing days. There have been only a few nights I didn’t have a raid to go to. Wednesday we start Kara runs, one of which I lead now. Thursday we go for content and thats SSC right now. Friday and Saturday nights we work on Kara if enough healers are available. We’ve snuck in a ZA run after Kara the last 2 Sat nights. Sunday we are back in SSC. Monday is the “off night”, which means Kara if there’s anything left (Nightbane, Ilhoof and/or Netherspite typically) and possibly another ZA run. Tuesday nights we farm Gruuls and Mags. The badges of justice keep rolling in! Did I mention that I love raiding?





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  1. Some takeaways:

    Gearing is much easier when you have a lot of gold. Tankette has mining and skinning so she’s a farming machine. So far, I don’t regret not having blacksmithing although it could have helped with a few items.

    Don’t figure it out on your own. Using web resources can make a huge difference in the speed it takes to get geared for Kara and beyond. It is amazing what you can find with Google!

    The right guild makes all the difference. Joining a guild that already has Kara on farm really made my transition to being a raider a success.

    It can be better to be lucky than good! Better tanks than me didn’t have their King’s Defender after months of Kara runs. I’m sure they weren’t too happy about my beginners luck but they were all nice about it.

    Raids are easier to tank than 5 mans, to me at least. I am slowly getting some heroics into my routine but some are disasters, even running with the same guildies that clear Kara with me.

    Comment by tankette — May 13, 2008 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

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