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May 14, 2008

Gruuls & Mags

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Last night was our weekly raid in Gruuls and Mags. We one shotted High King and Gruul and got Mag on the second try. There were a few noteworthy things to what has become a fairly easy night of raiding. First, we had a lot of new people in our 25 man raid that have just become geared well enough for Gruul/Mags after weeks of Kara runs. My son was one of those. We took extra time explaining fights and everyone did well. Not sure exactly what happened on the first attempt at Mag but we wiped at the beginning. I think someone missed kicks on healers at the start and we never recovered. Mag got loose before the last 2 warlocks were down and he one shotted several raiders. Second time was prettymuch textbook.

So the biggest thing is we got several more people used to these fights. We had a new off tank step in that has been in my Kara runs the last 3 weeks and he did well. My son did well too. He’s a mage and he’s getting really well geared. He’s almost ready for SSC. He just needs to replace a few more blue items.

Another big thing was our regular main tank took the night off since he no longer needed loot from these runs. We had a druid tank High King. That fight was a breeze. Then I got the call to be MT on Gruul, which was a first, and it went really well. We have had runs were Gruul has mowed through 4 tanks so I was really pleased to stay alive the whole time. I’m sure the credit belongs to the healers more than me but I timed my Last Stand and Shield Wall really well towards the last of the fight.

And then . . . the shield dropped! That makes 3 times in a row Gruul has dropped the shield. This time I finally had the most EP/GP and the shield became mine! Seems like I’ve had the Gladitor’s shield from the BG’s forever so it is refresshing to look at a new shield on my back. Besides the extra defense and block, the shield gave me about 9 more stam (I forget exactly) so my stam is now 14.6K unbuffed. I think I have more stam now than any of our Warrior tanks in the guild (like 8 or 9 of us) and I’m not far behind the two druid tanks. I’m not saying I’m the “best” Warrior tank in the guild because I think my skills still need a lot of improving, but I’m as well geared as our best.

So, last night was big fun. I don’t think I need any more gear from Gruuls or Mags but I will probably keep running them for a few more weeks. My gear strategy is mainly about badge gear for now so I need as many bages as I can get.

Tonight we make a new run on Kara. I’d still like to have Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch but mainly it is all about the badges. We typically do Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera and Curator on Wednesdays. 9 more badges.



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