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May 15, 2008

ZA run

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I was all set to run Kara last night. I was the only guild officer on so I started all the invites. We ended up with 4 tanks, 3 healers and several DPS – not quite enough to get two groups. Several people said they really had other things to do if the second group wasn’t going to run. After dropping those people we had 5 dps, 3 healers and 3 tanks. Since the other two tanks had never been MT and none of the other raiders had led a Kara run, I was trying to figure out which OT to ask to leave and then get things going. Instead, I dropped, made one of the OT’s become MT and lead the raid. I really wanted badges but I figured the guild would be better off for an OT to learn to be MT. All I need in Kara is Moroes Pocket Watch anyway. Turns out, the new MT did quite well and the group cleared everything to Shade! They had a few wipes but over all it went well.

So there I was without a raid. I need a daily raid!! Luckily many of the guild officers logged on and we got a raid together. Only, we went to ZA instead of Kara. Less badges but more fun and challenge!

This time the raid leader decided we were going to push fast and try to beat the timer for the Bear boss. No problem I thought. We’ve downed this boss twice before and everyone knew all the fights. Well, it didn’t work out as well as we hoped.

Going faster on the pulls tested my abilities and I made some bad mistakes. The first two pulls were ok. The third pull I went to battle stance to do charge on my mob. The other tank pulled first and I “entered combat” – no charge = bad. The mob went right by me and one shotted our top mage. I taunted the mob and we got it under controll and got the mobs down. Embarrasing, but we survived.

A quick rez and we were onto the next pull (it is all a blur but I think this was the second to last b4 the boss). This time I tried to stay in defensive stance and pull my mob with a gun shot. The other warrior pulled first, my mob and his went straight for him and he was down! Doh! I grabbed aggro on everything in sight and it was hairy. We got them all down (2 sheepers really helped).

Another quick rez, this time on the other tank, and we were on our way for the last pull before the boss. This pull went fine and we still had 4 minutes left to down the boss. I’m not sure if that is enough time or not but it seemed like my mistakes could still be overcome.

The other 2 times we’ve downed the Bear boss I had the humanoid form and our Druid tank had the boss’ bear form. The Druid has more stam and can live through the silence effect a little better. But this time we had no druid and I had about 700 more health than the other warrior tank so I had bear form. Things started out ok. DPS was doing a good job, healers were doing fine, the other tank was doing fine, etc. I taunted at the right time and the bear was on me. No problems at first. The silence came and my health was dropping fast! The boss was only 80% down, my heals were temporarily dried up and it was looking grim. I didn’t want to use my Last Stand so early but I was almost dead so I hit it. It got me through, the silence stopped and the healers had me at over 22K health. WTF! Seconds later I was dead! Wipe at about 78% before the first bear phase was over. I still don’t know what happened. It just seemed like no one was healing me or something.

So, we didn’t beat the timer. We rezzed and gave it another try. Must have been a fluke wipe I figured. Next attempt, my Last Stand had a few seconds more on cool down and I died at the first silence in bear phase! Huh? Our 3 healers all have over 2K bonus heals.

Attempt 3 on Bear boss – Healing leader says “All heals on Tankette during Bear phase”. That sounded better! Sure enough, we downed the boss like he was nothing. All I could do is laugh at how easy it was on the third try.

On to the Eagle boss. I have heard that “the gauntlet” is tough but we’ve never had trouble. We made it through quickly once again without much difficulty. We might have lost a mage in there somewhere, i can’t remember.

Long story short, even though we knew what to do, had downed the Eagle boss before, we wiped 5 times! Each time I was MT and got downed between 80% and 60%. We had to re-clear the trash mobs twice. We finally guessed the problem was that boss just really sucks for melee dps. Besides me as MT and the other OT, we had a dps warrior. The chain lightning was just doing too much damage. The dps warrior bowed out of the raid, we got a shadow priest, and voila, the Eagle boss was down. It seemed so easy (on attempt #6 lol).

So, it wasn’t pretty but we got the 2 bosses down. it was actually the first night to down both in the same night so it was actually good progress despite the wipes. Now we have 2 more nights to attempt a 3rd boss for the first time. The Lynx boss will be next. Time to watch videos and see what this guy does.

Oh ya, I’m sure I’ll get my weekly Kara run in someplace. Badges, man. Got to have more badges!


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