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May 17, 2008

Run For Your Life!

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I got my first Kara run with what I call “The GBU A Team” last night. I don’t know how often they do this but it was quite entertaining and yet challenging. I guess a “Kara badge run” isn’t such a unique thing. It was just my first time going through Kara where speed was seemingly the only thing that mattered. The officers of my guild like to go a lot faster than I consider normal.

The first odd thing was the group’s make up. Two of the guild’s best healers. Four of the guild’s best DPS. And three tanks. The leader decide that I would be main tank. So, I go to mark the first horses like I always do. I figure I can do that ahead of time while we are waiting for the 3 missing people to get there. Nope, one of the other tanks starts pulling. We are 6 manning these horses!

After about 4 pulls the other three guys show up so now we have our full group = 9 people. I am thinking, ” 9 of the guild’s best, even though we don’t have 10, this should be easy.” Wrong. This time Kara was all about speed, giving me a whole new idea about the term “run”. On the pulls where I even had time to mark, no one waited to make pulls in an orderly manner. Even the Holy Pally would start making pulls if he thought we weren’t going fast enough. 2 mob pulls became 5 or 6 mob pulls. A charger kills a dps, no big deal, go pull while somebody rezzes him.

It went like this all night long. More pulls were sloppy than clean. DPS’ers died left and right. But . . . no wipes on the trash. We mowed through every boss in Kara in a few hours with the exception of Nightbane because it got very late at night. The only wipe all night was on Shade. Again, someone decided we were taking too long and attacked while we were buffing. We lost 3 people as we started and still almost downed him.

As much as all the sloppy pulls bothered my “do things right or don’t do them at all” mentality, the strategy payed off. I think the run was even sloppier than their normal because I am not used to that kind of pace. The Holy Pally kept joking about needing to put on his tanking gear if we couldn’t do a better job holding aggro. (Did I mention we had 3 well geared tanks?) We had a few people have to leave the group and get replaced, which did cause some significant delay, but I think we were only in there for 4 hours and I hearthed back to shat 20 badges richer. Certainly a lucrative as well as entertaining run.


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