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May 24, 2008


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We finished off Kara late last night. It was another run of speed over anything as pulls were done helter sketler without checking to see if anyone was ready. I can’t see the reasoning for it as one wipe erases the minute here and there gained by the hyper speed. I certainly wasn’t the one pulling like I had a death wish (except once).

We started with Ilhoof. I’m not even sure everyone was in the long hallway yet before the boss was engaged. I think we lost half the party but we got him down. The crazy pulls continued to Netherspite. One of those was mine and again half the party was lost. People grumbled quite a bit so that was the last pull I made the rest of the night.

Netherspite was again engaged by the other tank before anyone was ready. I’m not sure everyone had even buffed. This time we wiped and the grumbles became more of “WTF are you guys doing?!” We had a more sane approach next time, actually deciding in advance who got the beams, etc. and Netherspite was dropped quickly. Chess was the usual “free badges and epics” encounter it always is.

I was MT for Prince and the fight had a glitch. Our hunter somehow pulled aggro when Prince was down to 50% despite being about half my threat on Omen. The hunter died a fast death when Prince ran over to him. In the confusion, I didn’t get heals and got killed. Then we wiped. The next attempt the other tank took him on. I didn’t last past the first enfeeble because I was a micro hair out of the safe spot. Fortunately it didn’t matter and Prince went down.

Now for the last boss to have my first complete run. We seem to skip Ilhhoof, Netherspite and Nightbane on most runs. I had tanked Nightbane successfully 3 or 4 times before so I know the fight. However, every time we had a priest or sometimes even 2 to do fear wards. This time all our healers were Pallies. The first attempt we got him to about 45% when a fear wiped us. I was trying to stance dance but I was too slow. The second attempt I had a macro ready and I stance danced perfectly. Somehow I got dropped when Prince was at 25%. I think maybe all the healers got feared at the same time or something. We could have salvaged the attempt without me but some of the DPS’ers drew aggro on the skeletons. The third attempt went just about perfectly. Again I was able to stance dance and never get feared (macros FTW!) and everyone did a better job staying a live.

Given the how over geared our raid group was it is kind of embarrassing we had even a single wipe. It was ugly, but we did a full clear and much faster than my normal runs. I also picked up the T4 helm that I always passed on since others needed it and I already had the Eternium Greathelm. This time I was the only one that didn’t have it so it was my turn finally.

So, after Nightbane my badge count was 99. OMG 99!!!! I need one more freekin badge to get my Sunguard legs!



  1. HAHA do the daily quests that have those bags as part of the reward, they’ve got a chance to give you a Badge of Justice!!!

    Comment by Veneretio — May 24, 2008 @ 10:26 pm | Reply

  2. Do a pug heroic then get disconnected due to a bad thunderstorm.

    AKA alt+F4 😉

    Comment by speidel — May 25, 2008 @ 12:33 am | Reply

  3. I do the 4 daily quests that can give badges every day without fail since I discovered them 3 weeks ago. I think I have only received 4 badges, so that is a drop rate of like 5% or so.

    Comment by tankette — May 27, 2008 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

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