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May 27, 2008

Hyjal & ZA again

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We made another foray into Hyjal for grins and reputation. We started out in trouble since we had one Pally tank, one Druid tank and then me. I think we made it to wave 5 but just barely. Might have only been 4. We just weren’t getting it done with 3 tanks.

We picked up another Pally tank from out of guild and gave it several more tries. We wiped about 6 or 7 times and each time it was wave 6 we couldn’t get finished before wave 7 came on us. One of the times we almost got wave 7 down.

The GM was satisfied though because most of us reached “friendly” reputation status with the Scales of Sands (or whatever it is called), which unlocked a bunch of recipes for the crafters. I know there were a lot of gem recipies. There might have been more. My son picked up an excellent necklace with a lot of fire damage. I almost got Pepe’s Shroud but the Pally tank from outside the guild out rolled me.

After the 3 hours in Hyjal, our ZA group made another run. This time my son got to join us, which made it even more fun for me. We cleared the gauntlet to the Eagle boss with no deaths (although the raid leader thought we took too long) and then engaged the Eagle boss. I think we lost a DPS’er somewhere in the boss fight but we battle rezzed him. Overall, an easy fight and we dropped him. I picked up a plate chest (Elven Battlevest or something like that) for offspec. It didn’t count for raid points since it was off spec and no one wanted it.

The raid leader again stated that we were running behind so we hurried over to clear our way to the Bear boss. Everything went well until the last pull. We were downing our targets as normal when a freeze trap broke. It was our raid leader’s trap so I was really surprised he didn’t bark out instrcution that the mob should be tanked or left alone so he could refreeze. I picked him up. He froze again. I was already hitting so I knocked him out of the freeze trap. He froze again. Again, I couldn’t stop hitting him in time. Odd, the raid leader didn’t say anything. We finished the mobs off without any deaths and the casters quickly sat down to drink. Normally the raid leader reminds everyone. I was thinking he just figures we all know what to do by now. The raid leader was oddly quiet about if we were ready to engage the boss. The sort of second in command person said to go so I grabbed the boss and we went to work. Still no word from the raid leader. We switched tanks when the boss shifted to Bear mode. We’ve done this fight about 5 or 6 times now. Everything was going smooth.

LMAO!! The raid leader starts speaking and he’s shouting orders about the previous fight! “Grab this guy the freeze trap is broke.” “Somebody tank that bear:, etc.” It was hilarious to hear it about 2 minutes delayed. It must have been a major vent malfunction that only impacted him. I guess you had to be there to get the effect but we were all laughing so hard it is lucky we still downed the boss.

The raid leader said we were slower by a full minute downing the Bear boss than the last time but we still beat the timer by about 30 seconds. I guess my son’s DPS might have been a little weaker than the mages we normally have with us (although he’ll be caught up with them when he gets his Gladiator’s War Staff later this week – 4000 honor away). But we were happy since that was our first time to beat two timers. I picked up some very nice shoulders from one of the chests, Pauldrons of Stone Resolve, which were a nice upgrade over my tier 4 shoulders. Two more 15 stam gems to buy, I am really broke now, but I got another 250 or so health.

On towards the Dragonhawk boss. We were feeling pretty confident after the last two bosses . We got a huge taste of humble pie, however, since we couldn’t get past the first big set of trash mobs. We would get the scout before he could do anything but the other mobs broke every cc we tried to use and ate our lunch. We tried 4 times with a different strategy each time but we couldn’t get it done. We are going to need to find some better strategy since we certainly have the gear.

All in all, another very fun night of raiding. Back to SSC tonight. Rumor has it that our MT has burned out and won’t be around much for a while. That may mean I’ll be trying to fill his shoes. I’ve got better gear than he does but a whole lot less playing experience. It could get interesting.


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  1. Yea, the dragonhawk trash mobs SUUUCK! The flame casters are by far the biggest problem. They are usually our first kill target. Curse of tongues is huge. What I do is shield bash the first cast, then once it gets to around 50%, I conc blow. What I’ve found the mobs to do is once they get out of that stun, they buff themselves with that insane spell haste buff then try to cast that fireball volley. If you just do a shield bash right as your stun fades, you can interrupt it even though its less than a .5 second cast 😀 Your mages can spellsteal the buff, and you can shield slam it off.

    GL in SSC!

    Comment by speidel — May 27, 2008 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

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