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May 28, 2008

Lurker and Mag

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Our first attempt at having 25 raiders hand picked instead of using signups didn’t go so well. We ended up grabbing whoever was online, ready or not, to get a full 25. Our tank with the nature resist gear wasn’t available. So we ended up slogging over to Lurker again instead of making our first attempt on Hydross.

We had a couple messy pulls on the way there but no wipes. I died once when my charge in took me out of healing range. I don’t know if we just got such a late start or if the trash took longer than ususal. We also had several new people in the raid, requiring a longer explanation about the fight. 1and  1/2 hours after the raid start time we finally pulled Lurker.

The fight with Lurker was also messy. We had a new MT on Lurker, which was part of it. He got hit by the spout twice and I tanked Lurker while he swam back. Overall I have to give him props for a job well done. We were low on melee dps so the ads on the main island were slow to go down. My healer was having trouble keeping me healed up for my add and I used every special I had just to survive the first spawn.

We kept surviving though. When Lurker wast down to about 20% the main tank said something that I misunderstood. Not taking time to look and thinking our MT was dead or in the water again, I taunted Lurker onto me. Turns out the MT was ok. I told him in vent to taunt Lurker back onto him (I later found out my mic was on mute!) but he didn’t. My healer wasn’t prepared for the damage I was taking so I went down.

A Druid battle rez cam for me just in the nick of time before the next wave of adds. I wasn’t even fully healed up before I had my add. Things were getting crazy at that point so I’m not sure what all was going on. All I know is I was still tanking my add when Lurker came back and started his spout. I kept tanking my add and pulled him into the water with me. DPS was taking him down fast but I was running out of health faster. The add was pounding me and the water burning me. I jumped back onto the island and then BAM, the water spout knocked me out. Luckily the add dropped a split second later before he could hit anyone else. Lurker was at 8% at that point. DPS burned him down before the next set of adds. Messy as all get out but Lurker was one shotted. The messiness made it very entertaining at least.

The raid leader decided not to attempt Leo at that point. I’m not sure exactly why. We ended up taking on Mag instead. Everything went smooth with Mag. I got to be MT on him for the first time. For the most part I just stood in place and tanked him against the wall. At one point an earthquake or something pushed me out of position. It was very hard to see to get repositioned but the raid leader guided me back to my spot. Over all Mag was an easy fight and far easier than Gruul.

13 badges in the bank. 62 more to get the Girdle of the Fearless.



  1. Tip for lurker for next time – if you tank him in the water, as far forward as possible, when he knocks back you’ll still be in melee range. The damage from the water shouldn’t overly tax your healers too much. Pass it on to your MT 🙂

    Also, I didn’t even know he was tauntable. Interesting…

    Comment by Namthe — May 28, 2008 @ 4:44 pm | Reply

  2. Yea, never knew he was tauntable either… that woulda been good to know about 4 months ago lol.

    But I’m not so sure I’m a fan about charging into pulls. Especially 25 man content. It usually puts you immediately out of healer range, and if you enter combat before you get the charge off, it can be a nightmare trying to get back into defensive stance and getting your targets.

    Yay you’re getting the belt! woot woot

    Comment by speidel — May 28, 2008 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

  3. I have been charging into trash pulls in SSC to make sure my target is hitting me as soon as possible instead of another tank. Before charging, I had a pull where a tank got my target as well as his own and went down. Using a gun to pull doesn’t always give me enought threat, especially if there is a Pally or Druid tank doing whatever they do.

    What has worked the best for me is going in with Berserker Stance, hitting Blood Rage just before the pull and using Intercept. I’m already in Defensive Stance before I’m even to the mob.

    Of course, getting out of range of my healer is a pretty disasterous downside of the technique.

    Comment by tankette — May 30, 2008 @ 5:11 pm | Reply

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