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May 30, 2008

Another no go, thoughts about gearing

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The guild seems to be under some strain. I don’t want to go into details other than the fact that once again we weren’t able to field a solid 25 man team to go to SSC. Dissappionting when we have 105 level 70’s in the guild.

Since I don’t have a raid to talk about I’ll ramble about some thoughts I have had regarding gearing up and the 2 roads you can take.

I have never like running instances and hoping I’ll get the drop I want. I don’t like not knowing how many times I’ll have to do the instance, not knowing if I’ll be the one that gets the item when it finally drops and especially don’t like the bickering and fighting that can happen over loot. It brings out the worst in people and it is an “unfun” part of an otherwise very fun game.

So early on I adopted what I thought was a superior strategy. I like guaranteed returns. When I farm, I know I will get gold. And when I get gold I know I can buy good gear. All throughout the leveling process I had good gear by buying the best i could find in the AH. Almost always, I had better gear than any drops I could get in the instances I was running.

Fast forward to level 70. Again, I farmed. I made around 100g-500g a day farming (and this was before I discovered dailies) so I bought the best gear I could find. While other tanks were running Heroic Mech 10 times to get the Sun Eater, I already had a Felsteel Longblade (cost me about 1200g). While other tanks were trying to get a good chest to drop (not even sure where that happens) i bought about 3000g worth of Marks of Sargeas and got enough rep for the Vindicator’s Halberk. I bought the Khromium Destroyer gun. I bought the Furies deck for the Vengence trinket. I bought the Felsteel legs, head and gloves. I basically got Kara geared without running any instances at all (besides the attunement but that wasn’t for gear).

I am certain this strategy got me into Kara much faster than getting geared by instance drops would have. And, I have done well in the raids. But I have to wonder, how much better would my playing skills be if I had done it the other way? What would I have learned on that 9th or 10th run of Heroic Mech that I didn’t learn on my 9th or 10th lap around Burning Steppes gathering thorium? If your are leveling up and/or getting ready to gear up your level 70 tank for raids, you might want to give this some thought.



  1. It took me close to 40 runs to get the Sun-Eater from H.Mech. I learned:

    – Charged fists aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they were with some judicious use of spell reflect and conc blows.

    – Not to shield block, demo shout, or tclap Capacitus unless I want to be rage starved.

    – Having a hunter pull Capacitus with their pets while I stand on the stairs helps me position Capacitus a lot easier.

    – I don’t need to have any fears in my group for Panth as long as we have good DPS.

    – I can get my point across more effectively by being assertive and supportive instead of getting pissed off at a new 70 in a pug.

    – Lastly, 25 pairs of Vanquisher’s Legplates < 1 Sun-Eater

    I’m glad I got the experience but that grind really sucked while I was in it.

    Comment by DK — May 30, 2008 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

  2. I feel that doing 5 mans tought me pretty much everything I needed about tanking. PUG 5 mans. When you’re doing pug 5 mans, pretty much everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And it teaches you how to deal with those problems. Like, for me personally, multi-mob tanking was something that I was horrible at. But I continued to throw myself into 5 mans until I figured it out. Even yesterday, I went and did a heroic SP with a couple pugs, and only a sap for CC. I told the shadowpriest to go crazy (vamp embrace, dot every mob regardless of kill order) and I feel like this really helps my tanking because it forces me to use my cooldowns (mocking blow, conc blow) intelligently.

    Go do a 5 man with a very overgeared DPSer. You’ll get instant feedback on how good your threat is 🙂

    But I think in today’s world, you’d be insane to skip doing heroics. First, it teaches you an incredible amount about how to tank, and you’ll be using most of these experiences in 25 man environments. Secondly, badge loot is amazingly good.

    Comment by speidel — May 30, 2008 @ 7:08 pm | Reply

  3. See, I did a fair number of heroics, but nowadays I tend to prefer the 10-mans for badge to time ratio (not that I’m short of badges by any means) on non-raid days.

    Mostly I geared up in level 70 non-heroics and Kara; though I do run the odd heroic still, and I’ll agree that it teaches you things that single-mob tanking in the raids won’t teach you, and it’s stuff that comes in very useful in places like Mount Hyjal.

    Personally I gave up on Sun eater after what feels like a million runs, and I eventually ended up still in TK still using Grom’tor’s Charge, and then King’s Defender after another few months in SSC and TK with no Mallet dropping.

    Comment by Namthe — May 30, 2008 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

  4. Well, I agree with both of your points: I hate grinding instances for a drop and always felt sad for people doing it. In the old days it was the head or legs in Strat/Scholo, now it’s the Sun Eater or something like that. I’m sure eventually I’ll get a Sun Eater and go, “Oh, cool, a Sun Eater” and stuff it in my bags. Some planning and guaranteed returns get you there faster, especially choosing in what order to spend your gold, rep, honor, and badges.

    I love doing instances though. It’s enormous fun, you meet people good and bad, and as a tank you learn what to do in a variety of situations, including leading the team. So I’d much rather farm rep and badges, which can be done in a heroic, than gold or materials by myself.

    Comment by Machus — June 1, 2008 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

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