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June 3, 2008

Weekend raids

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Nothing overly exciting on the raiding front this past weekend. I was in another “Officer Run” of Kara Friday night. Unlike other runs I posted about, this one was fast but not reckless. The druid tank I’ve been running with a lot lately lead the raid and he is fantastic. I’m sure it is no record, but we downed every boss except Ilhoof and Nightbane in just under 3 hours. It was late so we didn’t bother with those two.

Saturday night we were back in ZA. We downed the Bird and Bear bosses and beat the timers again. They are really fun fights so I wouldn’t call them routine but that makes 3 times in a row we’ve beat the timers on them. This run we finally had time to work on a third boss. Instead of going towards the Dragonhawk we decided to head towards the Lynx boss instead. We got throught the trash without too much trouble, going slowly since it was all new. Then we got to give the Lynx boss a go. It is interesting to me how you can watch videos over and over and it still just isnt the same as being in the real fight. We were slow getting the totems. I missed the lynx when he spawned. There were other mistakes. The first try didn’t go well. The second was was much better and we got him to like 22%. Unfortunately people had to go and we never gave it a third try. I am pretty confident he’ll be dropped the next time we get in there.

Sunday night we did Gruuls. I was on the warlock during the High King fight and somehow I died. Another OT picked him up so it was no big deal. I was MT on Gruul again and the fight was pretty easy. He was dropped on the 10th growth.

Lol, for what seemed like a slow raiding weekend I still got a lot of badges. Just 34 more badges to get the Girdle of the Fearless. That should happen by the end of the weekend.


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