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June 5, 2008

First Night With Hydross, More ZA, Another Heroic

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Tuesday night was our first attempts on Hydross. It is another one of those fights where everyone must know what to do and one little mistake means a wipe. We made 7 attempts and our best had Hydross ar 49%.

Particularly challenging for me was picking up Hydross during the switch from nautre back to frost. On one transition Hydross just wouldn’t let go of the other tank. I shield slammed. I devastated. I taunted (which he is immune to). I revenged. Hydross didn’t stop hitting the other tank until he was dead. Luckily that didn’t cause a wipe because the other tank was battle rezzed and ready for the next nature phase. Other transitions were ruined due to a DPS’er or healer pulling aggro. One was caused by a fire totem.

Another problem was the adds. We had two druid tanks on these. The druids were wearing a lot of green items to get about 160 resist in both frost and nature. That may have helped their damage mitigation but seriously gimped their ability to hold aggro. I think the next time they will just wear all their epic gear and forget the resist.

Did I mention we had 9 healers? LOL. I guess that helped a little in the learning process. I think we will have 7 when we try again tonight.

All in all, we felt like it was a productive night and we learned a lot. I think Hydross will drop for us tonight.

After two hours of wipes on Hydross, ten of us went back to ZA. We had a couple deaths caused by resisted CC on the gauntlets but we downed the Eagle boss on time and dropped the Bear boss – 5 seconds too late! Dang! It was late so we didn’t give the Lynx boss a visit. We will hopefully knock him down after the SSC run tonight.

Last night I was talked into running Heroic Underbog. If you’ve read much of my blogs, you already know how much a noob I am when it comes to heroics. The party included our guild master, 2 guild officers, the alt of our guild’s MT and me. No pressure, lol. But it all went fairly well. We had 2 wipes and a lot of bad pulls but we dropped the 4 bosses in around 1 1/2 hours. All of us being well overgeared helped I am sure. Considering that was only my 3rd successful heroic, I don’t think I did too bad.

27 more badges to the Girdle of the Fearless.




  1. Having done the fight from both a hunter perspective and also that of a priest, one suggestion of note. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your hunters; they have Misdirection and that can help you pick up your target a little easier. My hunter’s raid typically runs with three to four hunters, so we’ve usually got plenty of Misdirects to toss around — sometimes enough to Misdirect both Hydross and the adds she spawns.

    In Zul’Aman you can shave off about thirty seconds (or more) on the way to the Bear Avatar from the Eagle Avatar if you’re careful. We’re attempting time trials, so we’ve been watching out for tips’n’tricks. One, you can comlpetely ignore the patrol between the two. Two, you can actually avoid the first pair of Amani bears after Nalorakk sends the first group to you. With a druid, Hibernate the one furthest left and closest to the wall where you would go to walk up the ramp. That can seriously slice out at least thirty seconds!

    Comment by Cynra — June 5, 2008 @ 6:08 pm | Reply

  2. I think we only had 1 hunter in our raid but we typically have 2 or 3. I will be sure to mention taking full advantage of the misdirect to the raid leader.

    Wow, that sounds like great advice for ZA! I can’t wait to try that out. Still can’t believe we were 5 seconds too late.

    Comment by tankette — June 5, 2008 @ 6:15 pm | Reply

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