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June 13, 2008

Back to Leo

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No raid for me Wednesday. There was a group that went to Kara but they had two tanks so I sat out. I’ll likely get in another speed run this weekend.

Last night we were back in SSC to work on Leo. We had worked on him two nights previously but that was a few weeks back. Given the length of time since the last attempts, I didn’t have very high expectations.

The first attempt went about how I expected. A lot of people not getting away from the whirlwind, a lot of trouble picking him up when he finished the whirlwind despite the totems trying to bring him back to the tanks and then the blasted inner demons. I got inner demon on me and only got him to 12% before it was too late. The really bad part is I wasted at least 10 seconds because I had the wrong mob targeted. We wiped at 49%, which was actually the best we’d ever done. Encouraging.

The second attempt was a heartbreaker. Everything clicked. Everyone did what they were supposed to do. The whirlwinds fell short of the clothies and the tanks picked him up perfectly. We DPS’ed him down when he was in demon from. We picked him up when he split in two (I think that was 20%). All was perfect until 8%. Inner demons got one of our tanks and 2 healers. We were holding on to 6%. Then we just didn’t have enough healers. And, Leo went into his whirlwind. Clothies got slaughtered. The two remaining tanks picked him back up but had no heals. We got him to 4% before it was a full wipe.

We made two more attempts but they were more like the first attempt than the second. We wiped around 50%, if we even got that far. It made the 4% attempt seem like a fluke. Everyone seemed confident at the end of the run that we will get him down next time but I am not so sure. I think we can figure out how to beat our inner demons but I’m just not so sure we can get everyone to stop pulling aggro when Leo comes out of the whirlwind. Seems like such a simple thing.

Ah well. We are making progress so I can’t complain. The thing is, we are very well geared and we have good players. Every fight is just about learning the timing and that always seems to take longer than I expect.


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  1. The thing with Leo is that no matter how many times you have done the fight, its like everyone forgets how to do it when he splits at 15%. Its especially bad when you are relatively new to the fight. Everyone thinks “OMGOMG WE ALMOST HAVE HIM” and then they forget to stop dps when transitions happen, they forget to spread out for whirlwind, they forget where they put their keys, its just a mess. More than anything the raid leader needs to get everyone to keep cool.

    The split happens at 15% and he doesn’t do inner demons anymore after the split so if you lost people to inner demons then it means that you pushed the transition while inner demons were still up. Thats a big no-no, but its easily fixable by watching the DBM/Big Wigs timer and calling for a stop to dps.

    Comment by Rochelle — June 13, 2008 @ 5:58 pm | Reply

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