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June 23, 2008

Lynx boss – finally!

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I don’t know how many times we have done the Eagle and Bear boss in ZA and then quit for the night. We beat the timer on both bosses, gather loot and then a couple people have to log for the night. It has been really frustrating since the one time we had given the Lynx boss a shot we almost downed him on the second attempt.

Friday night we did it all again. But this time when people had to go we had replacements to bring in and we marched on to the Lynx. The trash pulls were difficult since we don’t know any good stategies. We got through them but it was a slow go. It is hard to fathom beating a timer to the Lynx anytime soon.

The keys to the fight on the Lynx are to keep both tanks stacked to share damage (easy), dps down any totems that pop up ASAP (fairly easy) and to pickup the Lynx Spirit when he pops out at 75%, 50% and 25% before he eats the healers (my job, not so easy it seems). All went well until the Lynx spirit poped out. I’m trying to pick him up but the main boss is so big on my screen tab targeting didn’t work. The Spirit heads to the nearest healer and we wipe. Attempt #2 and #3, the same.

I was more aggressive at moving out from the main boss to pick up the Spirit on the fourth attempt. We still lost one healer at 75% though. With just 9 of us left we continued on. I found that a well timed thunder clap really helped grab the Spirit. At the 50% and 25% splits I grabbed him quickly. We had some close calls with the healing since there were only 2 healers left but we got him down. Another first kill for GBU! Yay!

Saturday night we went back to ZA once again. ZA reset so we started from the begining. We had a new rogue with us and one of our regular mages couldn’t make it so my son stepped in too. My son has been with us on about half the ZA runs so that wasn’t a big deal. Anyway, we downed the Eagle and Bear bosses within the timers once again. We marched on the the Lynx. The trash pulls weren’t any easier than the last time so it took a long time.

I thought I was ready for the splits this time. I armed myself with a macro that would automatically target the Spirit and taunt. Attempt #1, I spammed the macro and it didn’t seem to do anything. The Spirit ran off from me and at healers. Wipe at 75%, Grrrrrr. Attempt #2 didn’t go much better. I at least remembered to thunder clap as well as use the macro. I think we got to 50% that time. I was so discouraged I was asking the Druid tank if he wanted to try to pick up the Spirit instead of me. He didn’t let me off the hook though.

On the third attempt I think I finally got the hang of it. My timing had been off before, hitting the macro and thunderclap too soon. This time I grabbed aggro on the Spirit every time like ther was nothing to it. The fight went perfectly like we’d downed the boss 100 times. I only hope I still have the timing down the next time we get in there. If so, the Lynx boss will be as easy for us as the Eagle and Bear.

Last night it was Gruuls and Mags. We keep moving new people into these raids so they aren’t as easy as they used to be. We wiped once on High King because our mage tank went down early in the fight. High King went down on the second time. Trash pulls were messy. People were getting too far away from the Brutes and got charged. One of our Shammies was over anxious and pulled aggro from me on a Brute at the beginning of a fight. Shammy killed instantly, lol.

Gruul went down in one shot. We had a new warrior MT him and it went well. We had a few DPSers die in shatters so we taking longer than usual to get Gruul down. We had him at about 10% when the MT went down. Luckily taunt works somewhat on the fight. You don’t automatically pull aggro but you shoot your threat to 100% of the highest person on the meter. I quickly topped the druid tank that was #2 on threat (now #1 since the MT died) and grabbed aggro. We made it through the last 10%. Gruuls one shotted once again, although not exactly what I’d call a clean kill.

Mags took 3 attempts. The first attempt had several problems. First off, Mag was loose before all the warlocks were down. Mag’s tail claimed a healer. Somewhere along the line one of our box clickers was killed. I’m not sure what else went wrong but we wiped at about 75%. The second attempt was going fine until about 25%. I thought we got through the cave in. I took my 5K damage, hit a health stone, and stepped up to click my box. There was a fire on my box so I was taking 500 damage a second. No big deal, I thought, since I started out with over 20K health. The damage was ticking and I was about to click my box when I was instantly killed! WTF?! I later found the combat log and I took 25K damage from a cave in. The priest that came over in desperation to click my box was also instantly killed. Wipe. I still don’t understand what happened. The third attempt was textbook and he went down easily.

I got my Cloak of Placation, which upped my armor and defense quite a bit. Gnomergon Autoblocker is next on the badge gear list.

Almost forgot, I finally got my epic flying mount on Saturday! I’m broke now but I can fly fast, lol.



  1. Grats!

    At this rate it won’t be long before you’re having fun with Malcrass, and then Zul’Jin. Now there’s a fun fight.

    Comment by Namthe — June 24, 2008 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

  2. I really want a bear mount. I ain’t talking about paying 5K gold for the run either, lol.

    Comment by tankette — June 24, 2008 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  3. Looks like we are starting a second ZA group. Depending on the timing of the resets, I may tank for both groups until we get a 4th tank wanting to go that has the gear.

    Comment by tankette — June 24, 2008 @ 5:48 pm | Reply

  4. Grats on Lynx, the cloak and your epic mount!

    Comment by Dezdemone — June 24, 2008 @ 11:08 pm | Reply

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