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June 26, 2008

Lurker does Dwarf Tossing, ZA with group 2

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Tuesday night we were back in SSC. We had about 5 people new to SSC so that always adds some challenge. We started with Hydross. Everything was going well untill about 25%. On the transition from Nature to Frost one of the off tanks pulled aggro on Hydross with a badly timed TClap. Hydross crossed the line and it was a wipe. I let the offtank know what happened so he coule be more carefull next time, it was his first time in SSC afterall. The second attempt was textbook.

On to Lurker. I got MT duty on Lurker for the first time. The normal MT was with us and gave me a few tips. I showed him where to stand to get his add that I normally get. The difficulty I had was in my normal offtank role I had a long warning for the spouts. As MT, there was a lot less warning. I think we were at 50% before i got nailed by a spout. I’m sure it looked funny to see me get tossed. Luckily I bounced off a pillar and wasn’t too far away. The OT that I mentioned above taunted and started tanking Hydross. The healers weren’t ready for that and he died. Right as I made it back to the main island Lurker made his dive. It was a scramble but I grabbed the add that popped up close to my MT site and the OT that was grabbing him before hauled butt and grabbed the add where the other OT was downed. We got the adds down and a druid battle rezzed the downed OT. Everything was back to normal and we were clicking. Then I got nailed with another spout. I was used to hearing others call out “SPOUT” instead of watching DBM. I can’t remember the details but since I again bounced off a column i didn’t have far to swim. I came back, taunted, and was back in action. I successfully dodged the next 2 spouts and Lurker was down. Not pretty, but Lurker was one-shotted on my first MT assignment on him. Yay!

Last night we made a ZA run with a second group. Our main group is beating the timers on the Eagle and Bear bosses and getting the Lynx boss down. This group had 6 people new to ZA so the plan was to take it slow. The 4 from our main group included me as a MT and 3 healers. So the new people included anotehr MT and 5 DPSers.

We went to the Eagle boss first. The gauntlet run was a little slow but we got through it ok. The first attempt on the Eagle boss was going pretty well to about 40%. Then the  DPS’ers were slow too get out of the middle after the lightning storm was over. I went from 20K health to dead in an instant. Wipe #1. The second attempt we decided to let the new tank have MT duty and I went dual wield for DPS. Early on the healers started saying the MT was taking too much damage. All 3 were healing him and couldn’t heal the rest of the party. We gave up and wiped at about 80%.

I was surprised the other tank couldn’t take the beating the boss was dishing out. He has about 16K armor. But then I looked at my own stats and saw my armor was 17700 unbuffed. Possibly more important, the other tank had 493 defense and mine was 534 fully buffed.

We had to clear the gauntlet again since everything had respawned. It went a little faster than the first time and we were back at the boss. I cant remember the details but we wiped 2 more times. I think the DPSers were having trouble staying alive or something. On the 5th attempt we finally got him down.

On to the Bear boss. We got through the pulls ok for a while but having only one mage for CC plus a hunter made it harder than normal. My 2hr flask ran out just before the last pull before the boss so I drank a second one (another 50G down the drain). The hunter couldn’t keep his target in the freeze trap and we wiped. Having just taken a flask, I was ready to give it another go but the raid leader called it quits.

It was a little frustrating to go through so many wipes on places I’d already learned previously (through many wipes) but it was good to get this second group going. We will be trying to recruit another tank and some healers to run in that group so we can have 2 full groups going at it. Most of our guild is beyond Kara (other than badges) so ZA is going to be more of a focus. Of course SSC remains our main focuss (Leo attempts tonight) but there’s a lot of good gear to be had in ZA.

10 more badges to get my Gnomergon Autoblocker. After that, the badge ring.



  1. Is there a reason you’re not in the water when tanking Lurker? That’s the usual place we have our main tank, and it prevents accidents with Spout, though you will still get Geyser and Whirl it shouldn’t knock you back out of melee range.

    Comment by Namthe — June 27, 2008 @ 6:44 am | Reply

  2. Good point. I was told to stand just out of the water and then step forward into the water before every spout. I think that will work as long as I am watching DBM and step forward into the water on time. Staying in the water the whole time sounds like a better strategy. I’ll bring that up with the raid leader next time.

    Comment by tankette — June 27, 2008 @ 1:40 pm | Reply

  3. Tank in the water the entire fight is how I have always done that fight.

    Comment by Rochelle — June 28, 2008 @ 7:57 pm | Reply

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