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June 27, 2008

Leo gives us a whupping but finally dies

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Sloppy. Every pull of the trash to get to Leo was sloppy. One was almost a complete wipe. I guess we had some bad luck, like the wrong people getting mind controlled, and we also had many new people. But we finally got to Leo to give him more tries.

The word to describe the Leo fights is chaos. We still can’t seem to keep him from whirlwinding into the clothies. He switches to demon phase straight from the whirlwinds meaning he’s in demon form at any random spot in the big room. We did a much better job with our inner demons this time though. Part of that was I never got one, hehe. The other prot warrior with us was the only one that didn’t get his down.

The first attempt was chaotic but we were survivng. We got him split at 15% and then I have no idea what happened. I think maybe the Lock tank went down. DPSers never stopped, whirlwind or not, so getting aggro was next to impossible. At 8% our raid was getting wiped one by one. Full wipe at 4%.

The second attempt was almost a carbon copy of the first. I think we were doing a better job at keeping everyone alive than the first attempt. Having 3 Locks with people soul stoned helped. Druids with battle rez helped. So I think when it came to the split at 15% we had a full raid. I don’t know why the raid leader has the DPS’ers go non stop after he splits though. The three tanks were chasing Leo around the room and he ignored us. People started to drop when he was at 8%. I think the DPSers were doing a little better job running from the whirlwind because more were staying alive this time. 6% was I think the point that the Lock tank fell. 4% I was the only tank left and maybe half the raid was alive. 2% I dropped and there was maybe 8-10 raiders left. 1% there was something like 2 healers and 3 dps left. Then only 1 healer and 2 dps left . . . then Leo DIES!! Talk about a nail biter. Most of those situations turn into heart breakers but not that time.

So I can’t say we have the Leo fight down by any means. It was ugly. But still, it feels good to finally get him dropped for the first time. Gratz to GBU!



  1. Gratz on the kill! The raid leader is definately making a mistake by having the DPSers go non-stop after the split. If the raid leader is worried about the enrage, then he needs to realize when a DPSer pulls aggro and dies, his DPS goes to zero which is significantly lower than if he played smart. I suppose its a bit counterintuitive but by hold back, the DPSers do more damage than if they went all out.

    Comment by Rochelle — June 28, 2008 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

  2. Gratz. Currently also on Leo with my guild too (6% split furthest so far), though not had many attempts recently with lack of healers online atm. For the whirlwind, are you doing the triangle around Leo to avoid him going into anyone other than the tanks? We have been using 3 tanks, none as a specific MT, just whoever can grab him first during each phase change, and a Shaman placing a searing totem in the middle of the triangle for when the whirlwind phase ends, he’ll go straight to the totem in the middle again and easier to pick up from there. Hope it plays out smoother for you in future.

    Comment by Dakeyras — June 29, 2008 @ 10:46 pm | Reply

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