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July 1, 2008

Holy Priest update, the Gearing Grind

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I’ve never been one to do instances over and over for drops. My gearing strategy has always been to accumulate gold as quickly as possible and buy the best gear I can find or have crafted. Dailies have become an obsession as they are a quick source of gold. I can make money faster farming ore sometimes but that depends on if anyone else is trying to farm the same place when I am there.

So over the weekend I did 87 dailies. I did another 37 dailies on Monday. Of course I am using both Gius and Tankette to do that many dailies. I was able to get my Whitemend pants crafted, gemmed and equiped with Golden Spellthread. I have about half the mats for the Whitemend hood. My bonus heals unbuffed are at 1350. I am hoping to get to 1500 before making Kara runs. I am also getting close to being exalted with SSO since I am doing so many dailies. I think I need about 3 more days. Exalted means getting an epic healing necklace and perhaps a better healing mace (i can’t remember if what they have is better than what I currently use atm). I also have a lot of enchants to get done. I think I’ll be at 1500 easily.

Last night I finally finished off the last of the Kara attunement process with an easy run of Black Morass. As easy as it was, i think we could have done it in Heroic mode, lol.

Our second ZA group is having trouble getting going and that’s mainly due to a shortage of willing healers. I want to help out with that but I’m not sure what my bonus healing should be for that. Of course running ZA before I have even been into Kara doesn’t make much sense. LOL, my healer was almost pulled into a Gruuls raid Sunday because we were so short of healers. That would have been funny to have my first raid be Gruuls instead of Kara.

I have been dilligent in my grind for gear for Gius. It is taking a toll on me however. I’m starting to prefer picking up a book to read instead of logging into WoW. Making 500 gold from 5 hours of dailies and then spending it all in 10 seconds hurts. I know in a couple weeks it will be over since i’ll have the best gear that money can buy. Then will come the badge farming.


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