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July 1, 2008

Messy Weekend Raids

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Friday we hit ZA again. It was our best run ever. Bear and Eagle one shotted and within the timer. The Lynx took 2 attempts. The first attempt was over in 5 seconds. The other tank and I couldnt get synced quick enough and I was killed before we even got the boss positioned. The second attempt had our DPS warrior killed in the first few seconds. So we 9 manned the fight and it went well. I grabbed the Spirit without difficulty on the 75% and 50% splits. On the 25% split a healer aggroed before I could pick up the spirit. I succesfully used Intervene, saving the healer and then grabbed aggro. Lynx downed again. We didn’t go on after that fight. I am getting anxious to start attempting the Dragonhawk boss.

Saturday night was Kara. We had planned to do another quick badge run at 7pm server. I logged in a little early and immediately got a raid invite. Little did I know that the raid group wasn’t the normal badge run people but a group with some guildies and some PUG. We struggled through Attumen, Moroes, Maiden and Opera. We made two unsuccessful attempts and Nightbane. Then we downed Curator. After two unsuccessful attempts at Shade (one because one of the PUGs moved during Flame Wreath) we gave up. Meanwhile the raid group I had planned to join started 30 minutes after ours did, killed bosses through shade and called it a night – all an hour before we gave up.

Ah well, I got more badges, even if they were hard earned. I finally got the Gnomergan Autoblocker. Hehe, I’ve had some 1750 Shield Slam crits with that thing activated!

Sunday night was Gruuls and Mags. There is growing frustration with these raids since we are having wipes even though this has been a farm run for months. We wiped on Hig King. Somehow the MT taking High King was killed just after the pull. The second attempt was mess but we got him down. Gruul was going well until the MT was again killed. Having 4 tanks in the raid saved us and Gruul was one shotted. The first attempt at Mag was a wipe. We did well in phase 1. When Mag broke free the hunter(s) failed to get off the MD shots quickly. Mag went the opposite way of our MT and killed several people. The MT finally got aggro but it was too late. Wipe. The second attempt, somebody aggroed a Warlock before we were ready. We were just moving into the  room. Wipe #2. The third attempt was similar. We at least were spread out in the room before someone prematurly attacked. All the Warlocks ran to one side of the room and the tanks had to chase them down. We recovered with the help of a few battle rezzes. What would we do without druids? Everything else went pretty well. At one point a DPSer pulled aggro from the MT. Hehe, Mag one shotted him and quickly went back to the MT. Mag dropped on the third attempt.

Much of our guild meeting last night was to discuss why Mag and Gruul have become challenges again instead of easy farm bosses. One theory is people aren’t bringing their “A game” since the fights are old hat. Another theory, which I think is more likley our “problem” (if you can really call it that), is we are constantly bringing in 5 or more new people to these two raids. Some of that is because new people are ready. Some of it is because some of our most seasoned raiders aren’t logging in for the raids. Not mentioned in the meeting, but something I think is important, is the fact that there are just random elements to these fights that would keep even the best raiders from one shotting these bosses every single time. Case in point, one wipe in Mags last week happened when I took a 25K cave in when I went to go click my box. Ah well.

Tonight we are trying to get Hydross, Lurker and Leo all in the same raid. If Hydross and Lurker are both one shots we should be able to get it done. Our SSC raids are typically only 2 hours though. This time we may need to stay at it a bit longer.



  1. Interesting what you say there – we stopped running Gruul and Mag on a regular basis back in November, but just before we did we had similar issues of wipes that shouldn’t have happened because the raid was too stacked with new people and the experienced raiders just weren’t signing up for the runs. This was Mag pre-nerf, too, so even harder for new people to learn the fight.

    It might be worth your guild doing the same – dropping old hat raids from the timetable, or just scaling them back to once every couple of weeks.

    Comment by Namthe — July 1, 2008 @ 6:44 pm | Reply

  2. I think that may be where we are headed. We still have a lot of people wanting gear out of there, though.

    We recently stopped having official Kara runs as most people just need badges or are gearing alts. Interestingly, counting the partial PUG I was in, we had 4 groups raid Kara last week instead of the normal 2 groups.

    Comment by tankette — July 1, 2008 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

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