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July 2, 2008

SSC, 3 Boss Night

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I imagine downing 3 SSC bosses in one night wouldn’t be a big deal for a lot of guilds. For us it was a big accomplishment last night. We normally raid just about 2 hours on our 25 man raids. We went a little longer this time because many will be missing for the Thursday raid due to the holiday.

Hydross. This guy seems to always be tough. Not that we really have him on farm but we have downed him 4 times now. The first attempt was going well until both off tanks that were on the adds died within seconds of each other. I’m not sure what happened to the healers but the OT’s weren’t getting heals. Wipe. The second attempt was also going smooth. Then one of the transitions from nature to frost went bad. It has become my worst nightmare as the frost tank. Hydross turns blue, I’m spamming devastate, Tclapping, shield slamming and then I see Hydross target someone else and run off. He crossed the line back to nature. Wipe #2. The third attempt also started out smoothly. Transitions were happening flawlessly. Then trouble struck once again on the transition from nature to frost. Hydross was at around 18% at this point. Once again I am doing everything I can to grab aggro. But it happened again. Hydross targeted someone else and started to move away. Panic. Wait, Intervene! Luckily I zoomed over and caught Hydross before he went across the line! Close one. We dropped him shortly after that. One boss down, even though having to take 3 attempts was a little disappointing.

Lurker has become too easy. We mowed him down easily. I was moving to collect my badges when everyone was yelling in vent, “GET THE ADDS!!!! GET THE ADDS!!!”. OMG, Lurker had submerged at 1%!!! A rogue was evasion tanking my add. I got there just in time and grabbed aggro. I guess similar stories happened all around as people hastily moved back to regular positions to deal with the adds. A few people died from cleaves. It is funny now but it wasn’t at the time. We got the adds down though. When Lurker resurfaced he was killed in the first second, lol. Boss 2 down, one shotted.

On to Leo. We had previously only killed him one time. When we had killed him it was as close a fight as you could get. Only 3 of the 25 raiders were still alive when he dropped. So our first attempt was a reality check. Was the kill last week a fluke? We had a pally tank to help with grabbing aggro out of the whirlwind this time. I wouldn’t say the fight was going smoothly but we were getting him down. Druids doing battle rez kept us at 25 people. Then shortly before the split at 15%, 4 of our healers got inner demons. Holy cow! That has to be the worst luck. No heals for me so I was the first tank to drop. I think the healers all defeated their demons but everything fell apart. The split happened. Tanks were grabbing aggro and dying from lack of heals. Mass chaos. Wipe at 4%. At least we proved we were capable of downing Leo. 4 healers with inner demons!

I’ve got a pretty good strategy for my inner demon now. First off, I use as much DPS gear as I can get away with and still be uncrittable. Secondly, I use a strength elixer, strength scroll and strength food. As soon as Leo switches to demon form I hit battle stance. I swap my King’s Defender for my Merciless Gladiator’s sword that has a demon slaying enchant on it (probably overkill, I know). I then attack the demon until I am at full rage. At that point, I step back, untarget Leo, and wait to see if I get the inner demon.

The second attempt was going well. Every time inner demons came I wasn’t the one to get one. Then at just under 20% I got one. Talk about pressure. We were on the verge of victory but that would be in jepordy if I failed. So much preparation. So much anticipation. Now it was show time. I hit the Gnomergan Autoblocker. Shield Slam. Devastate. Devastate. He’s at about 60%. Waiting for him to shoot a shadow bolt to reflect. I must confess that at this point my son stopped watching his screen to watch mine. He was the one to say “Spell reflect now, Dad!!!”. Spell reflect up. Reflected spell hits the inner demon dropping him from 60% to 30%. Shield Slam. 19%. Time for execute but I’m out of rage. Rage pot FTW! Execute and the inner demon falls!!! I think I had several seconds to spare. The rest of the Leo fight seemed easy after that, lol. We still had some chaos at the last 15% but DPS backed off at the right times so the tanks could get aggro after whirlwinds. Leo dropped and we still had around 20 of the raiders still alive. 3rd SSC boss down. Pats on the back for everyone. What a great night. T5 gloves for 3 more raiders, including my son.


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