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July 7, 2008

Smooth Sailing Raids

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Tankette ventured to Kara again Saturday. Once again, the group was overgeared and it was a fast paced badge run. One note worthy thing to talk about is the Pally tank we had. One of our guild’s top healers has been working on being Prot in his off time. He’s slowly been accumulating gear and tanking a few heroics here and there. What is funny is as a healer he often gets tired of waiting for pulls and makes the pull himself, trusting that a tank will grab the mob before he gets killed. We call these his “ready checks”, lol. Anyway, he did quite well tanking Kara as the OT.

We only had one wipe on the Kara run and that was on Prince. I was MT. We didn’t have a hunter so I had to pull Prince myself. I never could get into the right position after the pull. Prince was knocking me around quite a bit, which didn’t help. We got him to about 25% but wiped. The second attempt we tried something different. I stood in my tanking spot and the DPS warrior pulled him and was going to bring him back to me. That didn’t work out well because a healer aggroed before Prince got to me. I chased after Prince and used Intervene just in time to save the healer. I was able to get aggro and get back into position. The rest of the fight went well and we downed him easily.

Sunday was Gruuls and Mags again. Gruuls was noteworthy mainly because we had no wipes for a change. Everything went just as it was supposed to all the way to Gruul. I guess the mild scolding we had at the last guild meeting did the trick. Everyone brought their “A game”. I was third tank on Gruul. Unlike previous Gruul fights where I wasn’t the MT or second tank, this time I did well with keeping my threat up. When the MT dropped at 25% I was able to get second in the threat pretty quickly. One mage had to back off to let it happen but that was ok. At 10% the new MT, my favorite druid tank, also dropped. I don’t know if we had lost some healers or what. It looked a little dicey at that point to finish him off. I used a stoneskin potion to add 2000 to my armor. I used shield wall. I used a nightmare seed. I used Last Stand. And I survived and we downed Gruul. It was an exciting fight.

Mags was going well. Somehow the MT got killed by a cave in. So we had one wipe in Mags. The second attempt went well and he was downed.

So after a few weeks of sloppiness and wipes in Gruuls and Mags it was refreshing to have everyone in synch. I think we spent longer distributing loot than fighting. Still, both raids done in less than 2 hours for a change.


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