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July 9, 2008

Another night in SSC

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Our nature tank was on vacation so we skipped Hydross this time. The pulls to Lurker went fine. The Lurker fight was going well until about 40%. The MT dropped and I taunted to get aggro. This worked well enough to get the MT battle rezzed just in time to get the wave of adds. We got the adds down and continued on. Then the MT died again. There was no time to get him battle rezzed again before the next wave of adds and we wiped. We switched out the warrior MT for our druid tank on the next attempt. The next try was textbook and we took Lurker down.

On to Leo. After downing him the latest 2 nights that we attempted him we went in to the fight confident. Perhaps over confident. The first attempt we wiped at 8%. I think healers not being able to get their inner demons down was the problem. It got so chaotic at the split I really don’t know. The next attempt went better but the chaos at the end still killed us all. Wipe at 1%. Heartbreaker. We gave up for the night at that point.

It wasn’t a totally disappointing night though. I finally got the Mallet of Tides off Lurker! Now I need to level up my 1h mace skill, lol. I guess Mongoose will be the way to go for the enchant.


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  1. Go to badlands there are some mobs named something like servant of Razelisch (sp?) Anyway, they can’t die unless you kill thier stone so they live at 1 health forever. If you’ve got enough avoidance you can go grab one and pull it close to the dark portal then park your toon there and let him auto attack for hours without intervention (they’re only level 50ish so they shouldn’t be able to hit you much) If you do get low on health stop attacking the mob and intimidating shout then bandage. Easy skill ups =)

    Comment by Dezdemone — July 10, 2008 @ 1:53 am | Reply

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