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July 14, 2008

What is new to talk about?

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Hmm. Our guild is in a funk. We didn’t get any raids organized over the weekend. One of our officers resigned. Our GM was moving IRL and couldn’t log on.

After discussing my gear situation for Gius with the people on http://plusheal.com I am abandoning my attempt to get the Swiftheal wraps. The BG bracers are supperior and won’t cost me the 3k gold. So I started doing BG’s this weekend. I got about 5K honor without spending the whole weekend on it. Man, what a different experience going from a tank to a healer in BGs! I got 2 shotted all over the place until I started to get better at hiding. I had one AB where i had 250K of heals. That was a fun one.

I did some dailies on Tank but that was about it for her. I did managed to max out my mace skill so I can use my Mallet of Tides in the raids.

But, I really have to say I’m feeling burned out on WoW. I recently made an alt on a new server that has been entertaining. It is the first Horde character I have advanced beyond level 6. The last Horde character I rolled many months ago ventured into Undercity and could never find his way back out. Anyway, I have enjoyed seeing the Horde capital cities for the first time and doing completely different quests.


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  1. Ha ha! My Horde character is stuck in Undercity too.

    Comment by Machus — July 16, 2008 @ 1:20 am | Reply

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