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July 21, 2008

I’m back but people are missing

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My WoW break of 3 weeks only lasted 6 days. I got a project done that was haunting me so that was good.

Holy cow!!!!!!!! My guild!!!!!!!!!!! Our guild’s GM decided he was tired of “casual” for our raiding philosophy and decided to quit our guild. He wants to be doing progression raids 4 nights a week. Given that many in our guild are “casual” raiders because they just can’t commit to more than a couple nights a week of raiding, our GM felt his only option was to quit the guild and move on.

But when he made the announcement, me and a few others spoke up and said “me too!!”. “We want to raid more nights!” It became clear that if the GM was leaving the guild to find a place to raid more then several others were going to follow suit.

After thinking it over for a couple days, the GM decided to start a “sister guild” for those that could commit to raiding 4 nights a week. The thought was this would prevent the core raiders that were there every raid from leaving and gutting the guild. The sister guild could work with the original guild to make sure they had 25 for raids on their nights. The sister guild could take in members of the main guild for its 25 mans if there were open slots. It all sounded good to me and I was so happy to have a solution that would keep the guild together, even if technically it was 2 guilds.

But several of the “casual” raiders really hated the idea of a sister guild. Not even waiting for the details to be worked out or to see how it would work many left. I think they were convinced the “sister guild” idea wasn’t going to work and to prove themselves right they /gquit. Cowards.

So now before the “sister guild” even got formed we have already lost so many raiders that we couldn’t get 25 to raid Mags last night.  In fact, we only had 15 members on line at raid time.

Well, even after the set back we will march forward. All the people that are left are great people so I am sure we’ll be able to recruit some fresh blood to get back to 25 mans. Until then, I think both guilds will focus on ZA. None of us have ever made it beyond the Lynx boss so it will be fresh not to mention there is really good loot in there to gear up everyone. And, I really want a bear mount!



  1. You came back, whee! I knew you’d be back. Knew it. Hah!

    Balancing the goals of a guild can be really difficult sometimes. Especially one that is at the fringes of being called casual. At that point, you always see people who want to enjoy the game at their own pace while others are chomping at the bit and wanting to see more, more, more as soon as physically possible.

    Good luck with the guild. And Zul’Aman is a blast; once you down Lynx, the only difficult boss of the instance is Malacrass. Zul’jin is a breeze. Promise. A flippin’ joke.

    Comment by Cynra — July 22, 2008 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

  2. Welcome back to the fold 🙂

    Have to say I’ve had the opposite experience to Cynra. We’ve found Malacrass to be a walkover, and Zul’Jin to be rather harder. I guess it depends on your raid makeup. Take enough CC and some shadow resistance gear and it’s ridiculously straightforward.

    Comment by Namthe — July 23, 2008 @ 10:14 am | Reply

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