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July 22, 2008

Guild changes again

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The guild story took another unforseen turn last night. Our GM changed course and said there would be no sister guild. Further, he decided he loved the guild (he’s been running it for 2 years) more than he desired to go see BT or Sunwell with people he doesn’t know. It is such good news to me.

The guild will continue to do 2 nights a week in SSC and 1 for Gruuls and Mags. In a couple weeks the Gruuls/mags runs will be dropped for 3 nights a weeking SSC/TK. We are also supposed to get more focused on ZA, which is really what I am interested in clearing lately.

One change is there will be no mandatory attendance. That may make it harder to be able to field 25 man raids, at least until we recruit more people. The number of people that have /gquit is pretty overwhelming. I don’t understand such lack of loyalty. Oh well, we will march on and I am sure we will re-fill our ranks.

We had our guilds main MT retire. That pretty much makes me the main MT of our guild now. Well, I’m at least the best geared. We have another warrior tank that isn’t far behind me in gear and is probably a more skilled player. After that, we have 2 pally tanks and 2 more warrior tanks that are all more at the Kara level of gear than what we need for SSC. All of our druid tanks left the guild, including my favorite companion tank from all the ZA runs we have done.

I’m going to stay positive about the guild. We have had a pretty major setback but we will gear up more people and press on. Our GM has come to learn where his desires really lie, “I have come to realize its the people we play with that makes the game great, not the bosses we drop with strangers.” Amen.



  1. Crossing fingers that you can continue raiding, despite all the guild upheaval you’ve had lately. You know, reading this makes me happy about the 10-man raiding track for WotLK, maybe less of a headache for guilds like yours (and mine).

    Comment by Kadomi — July 22, 2008 @ 5:51 pm | Reply

  2. Mmmm. If there was a 10-man rading track in TBC, I’d no doubt still be in my original guild. That’s not to say I regret the changes, it’s just trying to move a group of mates into a 25-man raiding guild was hard work and was never going to succeed in the long run.

    Comment by Namthe — July 23, 2008 @ 10:16 am | Reply

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