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July 28, 2008

ZA good, Lag bad

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Friday night we went back to ZA with our mixed up group. I was MT, we had a second warrior tank, a Pally tank that was undergeared, 3 healers and only 4 dps. We started with the gauntlet to the Eagle boss and that went well. The Eagle boss fight started out ok but the healers couldn’t handle all the chain lightnings. We realized that we were too melee heavy. Besides the 3 tanks, we also had a dps warrior, a rogue and an enhancement shammy all on melee. So the second attempt we made the pally tank step back and heal. We mowed down the Eagle boss very quickly on the second attempt. Even though it took 2 attempts we still beat the timer.

The Bear boss went well. No wipes on the trash or the boss fight. We missed the timer because we took so long with the Eagle boss.

On to the Dragonhawk boss. We did a little better with the trash than the last time. I think we had one wipe. On the boss fight, we seemed to do great with avoiding all the bombs but we couldn’t keep the pally tank alive. I was MT’ing so I wasn’t watching but I think they just weren’t coordinated enough to control how many eggs were hatching and getting to many. I think having a lot of melee DPS instead of ranged hurt too. We wiped over and over, I think at least 8 times. Our best was 25%.

Saturday night was a blur of lag, disconnects, computer reboots and frustration. I haven’t a clue why my internet connection was so crummy. It wasn’t just WoW, even Vent was lagging.

So we head back to ZA but this time with a very different group make up. First off, the other warrior tank wasn’t around to help the undergeared pally. Second, our DPS included 2 hunters and 2 mages so we had more ranged dps, as well as 5 instead of 4 like the Friday night group. Everyone in the raid group was very well geared and experienced, except the pally tank.

MF’ing LAG!!! ZOMG!! HORRIBLE!!! With the Eagle and Bear bosses down we went straight to the Dragonhawk boss. We start on the trash. Vent goes dead for about 30 seconds, then 30 seconds of everyone talking all over each other. I am fighting something when the screen freezes. I keep hitting my devastate button hoping I’m still holding aggro. Disconnect. I relog onto WoW and Vent. The mobs are dead and I hear “Nice recovery guys. Good job Tank.” WTF??!! How did I do a good job when I was disconnected? This repeated over and over. I kept disconnecting. I even shut down my whole computer system and rebooted. Still lag from Hell. We wiped a couple times, probably because of my disconnects.

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally got to the boss. We buffed up and were ready to go. Disconnect. I am back. Disconnect. I had to break to go sing happy birthday to my son. I shut down my computer system again. 10 minutes later, I log back on. Everyone is still waiting for me. We rebuff. My lat didn’t look too bad. We go, starting with my charge in.

The first attempt went bad. I’m not sure but I think again lack of coordination with the eggs was the big problem. We were probably going to wipe. Dragonhawk threw his bombs. I tried to move to a clear area then LAGGGGG. AHHHHHHRRRRRRGGGGGG. The screen is frozen. It unfreezes and I am dead, hit by at least 2 bombs. Wipe.

The second attempt was going much better. Vent was lagging by about 4 or 5 seconds. When someone called out “get ready for bombs” the bombs had already exploded. Over and over my screen would freeze when the bombs came out. I had only a split second to react. Everything went well to about 50% despite the Vent lag, and screen freezing. Then, I get 3 bombs tossed right on top of me. Before I can move the screen freezes. It unfreezes and I’m on the ground dead. Wipe #2.

The third attempt had the same issues with the vent lag and my screen freezing. Someone said my lat was over 1000. Again, the bombs would get tossed out and I would only have a second to react and move. This time I made it everytime. Everyone else did a near perfect job with the eggs. DRAGONHAWK GOES DOWN!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!! Another new boss kill for GBU!!!

And, I have to hand it to the pally tank. He really stepped up. His efforts got us through the trash while I was disconnecting all over the place. He held aggro on all the egg hatches despite pretty leet dps hitting them. If there was a MVP trophy for the raid it would certainly go to him. He did get promoted in the guild to top raid status at least.

Ahhhhhh. It feels so good to have another boss dropped. We have some real doubters and haters that have left the guild recently. They said we’d not be able to field 25 mans. They said we’d not get back to SSC for a long time. They said our progression would stop. Wrong!

So we can drop the first 4 ZA bosses now. We’ll be working on the last 2 as well as beating the timer for the bear mounts. Not even a bad case of lag can slow us down!



  1. Grats on the first kill. I am excited about going to ZA again in two weeks. Awesome stuff. 🙂

    Comment by Kadomi — July 28, 2008 @ 4:44 pm | Reply

  2. Grats on downing him!

    On a more serious note, the symptoms you’re describing sound a lot like what a friend of mine was going through shortly before his account got hacked. The hacker was logging into his account mid-raid, forcing him to disconnect.

    It’s probably nothing, but make sure your virus and spyware checkers are up to date and run a full scan.

    Comment by Namthe — July 29, 2008 @ 8:18 pm | Reply

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