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July 29, 2008

36 Dailies a day, ughh

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I think I finally figured out my problem with lag. It appears to be the router so I’m replacing that this evening.

Meanwhile, having a bad case of lag is worse than cooties. Raid groups want nothing to do with you and after Saturday, despite dropping the Dragonhawk boss, I can’t blame them. So last night I got left out of the ZA group for the first time /cry .  They beat the timer on the Eagle again. Then they got the Bear boss down but missed the timer. The trash to the Dragonhawk gave them a lot of trouble because they had no mages. I think they made 2 attempts on the Dragonhawk boss before calling it for the night.

Meanwhile, I did 18 dailies on Tankette and 18 dailies on Gius. I listened to the ZA group on Vent for entertainment. My latest mission is to get my epic flying training on Gius. He’s a herber so that epic flyer will hopefully be my ticket to getting all the herbs I need for flasks and potions. I calculated that the last ZA run cost me about 300g in repairs and raid mats. But that’s calculated using the AH prices I have been paying. Thus all the dailies. I’ve been slowly saving up but the last 4 days I’ve done the 36 dailies and that has kicked things into high gear. I am just shy of 4000g now.

I haven’t done much on Gius since all the pvp for his bracers. All the raids lately have been ZA, SSC or Gruuls and that calls for Tankette. In fact, its been at least 3 weeks since I’ve been in a Kara run. So Gius hasn’t been played much, other than the dailies. He desperately needs decent trinkets and also some epic gloves. I may just do pvp for 30K honor for the pvp trinket.

Well, hopefully the new router will do the trick. Tonight we are back to SSC. We have a new Nature tank since the old one retired. The new guy is a solid player so I doubt he’ll have trouble. With any luck we’ll get Hydross and Lurker down in the same night. We are hopefully going for Voidreaver for the first time on Thursday.



  1. And I thought that I was a masochist! <salute>, you crazy bastard.

    Good luck with Void Reaver. Last I fought him he was still “bugged” so that your preferred boss add on didn’t correctly announce who was getting orbed. Just remind everyone to zoom out all of the way and watch out for orbs (running back as opposed to side-to-side tends to avoid blowing up your peers). I’d be curious as to hear how you plan to handle melee; melee healing was always my favorite position as a Holy priest in that fight!

    Comment by Cynra — July 30, 2008 @ 12:52 am | Reply

  2. I read the title and thought “what did they increase the limit in WotLK??” 🙂

    Comment by Solidstate — July 30, 2008 @ 12:59 pm | Reply

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