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July 31, 2008

Back to ZA

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Now with a new router AND a new modem, my internet connection seems to be back to normal and no more lag. Yay!

We went back to ZA last night. We got a late start waiting to get the right people in a group. The undergeared pally I mentioned previously and I were the 2 tanks. No 3 tank group this time so the pally had to pull his own weight. The gauntlet to the Eagle boss gave us trouble. We had a lot of deaths and it took longer than normal but we got through it. The boss fight went fairly well other than 2 dps’ers going down late in the fight. Eagle boss down on the first attempt and the timer beat!

The loot on the Eagle boss was a 1H spell dps mace (Armani Punisher? I don’t recall). This was perfect for our pally tank, who had a blue weapon. Man was he happy! I think the spell damage on the mace was double what he had on the blue item. Then we open the timed chest since we knew we didn’t have a chance at beating the next timer. The Pauldrons of Stone Resolve dropped. I already wear those so the pally tank got those too. Again, huge upgrade for him as he was wearing some lower level blues. So the undergeared pally tank is now pretty much ZA geared. He needs some trinkets but thats about it.

On to the Bear boss. I am used to going fast to beat the timer. Unfortunately I wasn’t watching the rest of the group and engaged the fight with only half ready. Then the other half came late and aggroed the pats while getting there. Wipe. I took credit for the wipe. If our group was all on the same page it probably would have been prevented. We got back in and cleared our way through the trash. We normally have 2 mages to CC but only had 1 this time. We wiped on the last trash pull. A second try got us through. I think it was a big learning experience for the pally tank.

Bear boss. This was the Pally’s tank’s first time tanking this boss. I explained all he needed to know about the fight. It is really pretty simple, just taunt at each change from troll to bear and vice versa. The pally tank started the fight. Everything was going well. The healers were a little stressed keeping up with the damage the pally tank was taking but they adapted. Bear form. I taunt and tank as normal. Everything going well so far. Troll form. Pally tank taunt. Pally tank taunt!!!!!!! PALLY TANK TAUNT!!!! No taunt. Troll form continues hitting me. Bear form. Bear is now hitting me. I went down. Now the boss is finally hitting the Pally tank. The raid leader figured it was a wipe. But the pally tank was still surviving through the bear phase. Troll phase. Pally tank is still surviving. “Hey, why don’t we battle rez Tank?” Lol. Duh. I get a battle rez. I’m running to the boss, getting heals, hitting commanding shout, casting stamina and protection scrolls (no priest this run for the fort buff). I get there just as he goes Bear form again. I taunt and start tanking as normal. Troll form. Hey!! Pally tank figured out how to taunt the boss off of me! Yay! Bear form. I taunt. All going fine again. Troll form. Pally taunts again. We got this. Oh noes. Pally tank goes down. I’m on troll form. 10%, 9, 8, 7 . . . Bear form coming, 6,5,4,3,2,1  . . . Bear form. Bear boss down!!

Lol, it was such a close fight but the Bear boss was one shotted. Best of all, the pally tank figured out how to taunt. He also walked out of ZA with much better gear. We only got two bosses that run but I’ll call it another successful night in ZA.


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