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August 1, 2008

Flasks, Herbs and Epic Flyers

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I’m spending anywhere from 100g to 300g a raid in consumables. Since I try to raid every night, it really adds up. A big part of that is all the flasks and potions. In an effort to stop having to do dailies to support my raiding, I’m trying to cut the costs on these.

Gius has been at 375 herbing for quite some time. He has been able to gather some of the herbs I need but it just took forever on his poverty pidgeon (non-epic flying mount). At last, through many days of doing 36 dailies as well as farming ore, I finally was able to get an epic mount for Gius. I can farm herbs 10 times faster now, and so far enjoy myself while doing so.

The next problem is actually getting all the flasks and potions made. Our GM can make them but i hate to bother him. He’s got enough to worry about. There are others in the guild that are also alchemists but catching them at the right time isn’t always easy. I end up finding someone in trade chat to make them and that usually means providing a decent tip.

I have an alt that is 300 at alchemy. But the problem is he’s only level 35. It would take considerable time to level him up and get him geared to do the alchemy quests (BM? I haven’t researched them yet). So last night I dropped skinning on Tankette and picked up alchemy. A couple hundred gold and 2 hours later, she’s up to close to 300 alchemy. I’m not sure what is in store to get to 375 but I’ll be working on that this weekend.

I came accross a deal for a guild the other day. The guild already has a bank tab and someone sold it to me for 30g. I bought it with another low level alt I have. My plan is to use it to store all the herbs I’ll pick on Gius. My son’s alt will also supply some herbs as he levels up. His friend will also get in on the deal.

I am hoping that I can keep all 3 of our mains supplied with flasks and potions without resorting to buying anything on the AH. I am also trying to get my son to provide all the raid food since he has fishing and cooking. These efforts have to be faster and more fun than grinding dailies.



  1. 300G! How? I know that every server has a different economy, but that sounds rather crazy to me.

    I do have a herbalism / alchemy alt, and I don’t use him[1]. For farm nights, I tend to use Elixir of Major Fortitude and Elixir of Mastery. Four each of those will set me back about 30G (which is less than the price of a fel lotus, let alone a flask) and see me through the evening. As for food buffs, I levelled my fishing. It doesn’t take long to fish for 20 crawdad and that’ll last a couple of nights, and it saves an insane amount.

    For wipe nights, I’ll use flasks bought with Marks of the Illidari supplied by my guild bank. Saves a lot of cash, and it doesn’t really make sens to be wasting free flasks on conent you’re already happy with.

    [1] Yet. I’m considering dropping Mining for Inscription on Namthe, and when I do, I’ll use my alt’s herbalism to level it.

    Comment by Namthe — August 2, 2008 @ 11:18 am | Reply

  2. The night I tallied up 300G it was something like this:

    Repairs from many wipes – 60g
    10 spicy crawdads at 2g each – 20g
    2 flasks of fortitude 65g each – 130g
    4 nightmare seeds 5g each – 20g
    8 super healing potions 4g each – 32g
    4 iron shield potions 5g each – 20g
    5 scrolls of fort (no priest that run) 3g each – 15g
    3 scrolls of protection 3g each – 9g
    3 adamantite weight stones – my mats, no cost

    Comment by tankette — August 4, 2008 @ 5:02 pm | Reply

  3. Hitting 375 alchemy was a breeze. Getting flask discoveries is another story. I made at least 200 potions and got no discoveries. At least I am well stocked on healing and mana pots.

    I’ll be running BM to get my Elixer spec.

    I’ve been having fun farming all the herbs. I am seeing many parts of the Outlands I’ve never seen before.

    Comment by tankette — August 4, 2008 @ 5:07 pm | Reply

  4. I got a discovery finally! Flask of Relentless Assualt. I also got my philosopher’s stone and did my first transmute.

    Comment by tankette — August 5, 2008 @ 3:47 pm | Reply

  5. Another nice side benefit of having alch is the Mad Alchemist’s Potion, which provides 10% more health (and mana) than the Super Healing Potion.

    Comment by Dahler — August 12, 2008 @ 3:24 pm | Reply

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