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August 1, 2008

No TK yet, back to Mags

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We continue to be slow in getting our 25 mans going. Raid time comes and there are like 17 or 18 raiders ready to go. Minutes tick by and we get to 20 or 21 in the raid group. Several pulls later, we get somewhere between 22 and 25 raiders. I did some thinking and realized that we lost about 8 or 9 of our regular raiders so it is no wonder we are going through some pains.

Last night we were hoping to go give a first try on Voidreaver. The lack of people had us change plans and go to Mags instead. I think we had 19 in the raid. The trash pulls went fine, although a little slow with many missing dps’ers.

The first pull on Mag went very wrong from the beginning. I think one of the hunters misdirected the wrong warlock to me so instead of tanking 2 I was tanking 3. I did my best to hold aggro. We were short on melee though and we just couldn’t kick three warlocks doing heals. Wipe.

More people log on. The second attempt is still bad. We had some people who didn’t know the fight and didn’t stick to the kill order. Mag broke free while 2 warlocks were still up. Wipe.

More people log on. I think we had a full raid finally. Pretty much a flawless fight. Some of the box clickers were slow to react when we got started. By the end the box clicks were pretty much perfect. Mags went down and some newer raiders got some much needed gear. I got the Satchel so another 20 slot bag was a nice reward.

Each kill is harder than it used to be but the guild continues to strengthen. We have added about 5 new raiders in the last week. One of those was in the guild many months ago and is a well geared and experienced healer. GBU still moving forward.


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