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August 4, 2008

Weekend raids

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Friday night we went back to ZA. The instance hadn’t reset so we went straight towards the Dragonhawk boss. The pulls were going faster than ever until we got close to the stairs. We wiped over and over on the pull. We’d get the scout down and within seconds another scout would appear out of nowhere and hit the drum. We tried every different timing thing we could think of but we always got the second scout. We finally gave up and assumed it was bugged.

Saturday night I tried to get a ZA run together but we were short of raiders. A second person tried to get a Kara run going and that didn’t help me get ZA going. As people were switching to the Kara run, someone else tried to get the ZA run going. Some people switched back to ZA. It ended up as 2 hours of niether raid getting a full group and no raids. The guy wanting to head the Kara raid wasn’t happy about the people abandoning his raid for ZA. The ZA people weren’t happy about the Kara raid. Oh well, the bottom line is there just weren’t enough raiders on that night. Strangely enough, we had enough tanks and healers and were short dps. That’s a rarity.

Sunday afternoon I got pulled into a Kara badge run. I don’t mind Kara as at least I’m killing something. I don’t need anything in there but the Pocket Watch though and I’m converting the badges to gold these days. Scratch that! I finally got the Pocket Watch to drop on the run! Meanwhile, the guy trying to get a Kara run on Saturday night wasn’t on during the day Sunday and missed the run. He was pretty miffed.

Sunday night we sere scheduled for a 25 man raid with no preset destination. 30 minutes past the raid start time we only had 16 people in the raid. Not even enough to hit Gruuls, which appeared to be where people wanted to go. So what did we do? Sunwell of course! Haha, wtf are we going to do in Sunwell if we cant even raid Gruuls?! It was at least interesting to go in there for the first time. We dropped absolutely nothing in there, lol.

We pulled in more 70’s, mostly undergeared not and went to Gruuls. With 21 of us we oneshotted everything in there in less than an hour. LOL, we had people in the raid that hadn’t even done Kara yet and they walked out with some good gear. We had a great time.

Our guild is still short handed but we don’t want to do any open recruiting. Word of mouth and pulling in friends here and there appears to be our strategy. Meanwhile, our best raid was a month ago (dropping Hydross, Lurker and Leo in the same night). I hope we can get back on track soon. I want to see more end game content before WoTLK comes out.


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