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August 5, 2008

Hacked again

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For the second time my son’s account has been hacked. We have no clue what happened the first time but this time I figured out that he had been scammed.

My son received a whisper in-game from a person he thought to be a GM. This person told him he was selected to play WoTLK beta and gave him a website to go to. The web site had warcraft in the URL and had all the WoTLK artwork. It really looked like a Blizz site. Of course it wasn’t. My son logged in like he normally does to get into WoW. When he did that he was redirected to WoW’s official site. He was confused as to why it didn’t work but didn’t think anything more about it.

That was Friday night. Saturday he played and nothing happened. He didn’t play Sunday but I was on all day and I would have known if someone logged onto his characters. Monday around mid day my son’s friend was playing and got a whisper from my son’s character to come do arenas. The friend suspected a problem because my son never does arenas. He came over to my house and sure enough my son was playing Rock Band and had not been logged on to WoW since Saturday.

So my son immediately went to go log in to see what was going on. He wasn’t able to log on and got an error message that his account had been frozen. He checked his email and he had an email from Blizzard saying his account had been frozen due to “Teleporting and Excessive Speed”. We can only guess that whomever hacked his account was also hacking the game.

The email my son received had a “donotreply” email address and no instructions on what he could do to try to get his account back. A call to Blizzard didn’t get me anywhere. I was told to call “Billing” to make sure none of the billing information had been changed. Several calls gave me only busy signals. I was also given an email address to send my inquiry but to not expect any action for 2-4 days. I sent the email and got an automated response from another “donotreply” email address. I talked to a GM in-game and he told me to email the “Hack” department. When I emailed them, I at least got a response from a real person. But they told me to email another department and it could take 2 weeks for any action. ZOMG! I sent that email and got another response from a “donotreply” email address.

If this sounds confusing, it is. I can only hope that someone responds timely and restores his account. The fact that the hacker was wanting to do arenas gives me some hope that my son’s gear won’t be sold. Meanwhile, I am trying to get ahold of the Billing department again this morning. I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes so far .



  1. Quick update:

    I finally got through to the Billing department. The guy I talked to was much more help than any of my previous contacts. He verified that the billing info was intact and assured me that there was no way my credit card info could be hacked.

    He said it was strange that the email to my son had such limited information. He was apparently able to see the email. He said the email should have at least mentioned the time frame for the suspension, which he said was 48 hours. That was great news to find out that it was only 48 hours!

    Other than waiting the 48 hours, he confrimed that my email to the “account admin” department was the way to go and then also to talk to a GM in-game from my son’s account when it is working again to be sure the GM know’s what happened.

    Now we wait.

    Comment by tankette — August 5, 2008 @ 3:39 pm | Reply

  2. Blizzard has made an Authenticator, which is tied to your account to add an extra layer of protection. From what I hear it gets sold out in minutes and there is no way of knowing/being notified when they’ll restock the online store. You can find one on ebay, but the markup is 10x of what it’s actually worth 😦

    Comment by Hybuir — August 6, 2008 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

  3. I’m definately going to get those, Hybuir.

    My son got his account back. Some of his characters had more honor so I guess the hacker was doing a lot of PVP. No gear was missing and one of the swords he had on a twink warrior got a new enchant. Bizarre.

    Comment by tankette — August 7, 2008 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

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