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August 5, 2008

ZA again

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We went back to ZA with out unconventional group of 3 tanks (2 warriors and a pally), 3 healers and only 4 DPS. The guantlet to the Eagle boss was easy with 3 tanks. The fight on the Eagle boss was easy too and he was down well within the timer.

On to the Bear boss. All the pulls went well. I aggroed the first one before everyone was ready but it just got the pull done quicker. All the way to the Bear boss went well. On the Bear boss fight we were doing well. It was going to be close on the timer but I think we had it. I was tanking the bear phase and the other warrior was tanking the troll phase. The pally tank was doing dps. At about 25% the 2 tanks decided to switch out. I’m not sure what went wrong but they both went down and I was soon to follow. We wiped at 8%. Lesson learned. When things are working don’t go making changes, especially with tanks. The second attempt had him down.

On to the Dragonhawk boss. The trash to the Dragonhawk boss has always given us trouble. This time we made it through without any wipes, so that was progress. We are a long way from being able to get through it quickly for the timer though. It took 3 tries but we got the Dragonhawk boss down. I don’t know what caused the first wipe. The second came when healers were OOM and couldn’t keep me healed.

It was a good raid. It was only the second time our guild got the Dragonhawk boss down. We keep getting more and more people used to the fights as every raid has a couple new people. I am getting anxious to be doing full clears but i know that’s not far away.


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