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August 6, 2008

Full raid once again, SSC

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For the first time in weeks we had a full 25 man raid. SSC was on the agenda and Hydross was the first stop. Since the nature tank retired from WoW, we had a new warior for that. I was the frost tank as usual. We had two pally tanks for the add. It was their first time tanking the fight but they did an excellent job.

We came soooo close to one shotting Hydross. We were at about 12% when a transition from nature to frost went bad. Attempts 2 and 3 weren’t as good. The transitions are still a beeotch. The 4th attempt again went great to about 20%. The nature tank went down and we had no battle rez available. Through using Last Stand, Shield Wall, etc. I was able to stay alive long enough for Hydross to go down. I guess taking 4 tries to get Hydross down is a little embarrasing but after not attempting him in about 6 weeks I am glad we at least got him down on the first night of new attempts.

We went on to Lurker. Unlike the last time, I had no lag issues. The trash to Lurker was easy. The Lurker fight was easy too. I was MT and I don’t think I made any mistakes this time. No getting hit by spouts. No LOS problems with the healers. I supported the other tanks with the adds. Pretty much a perfect fight and Lurker was one-shotted. That was a nice redemption after needing 4 tries on Hydross.

It was a very fun raid and everyone was on their A game. We once again had new people in the fights and they all did well. I don’t remember the gear that dropped but I know many people will be a littlle better geared now. I think it won’t be long at all before we are downing Hydross, Lurker and Leo in one night and then can spend another night learning Mogrim Tidewalker or Voidreaver.


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  1. Excellents! Always good to hear folks is havings fun and success. Lucks with yer next fight!

    Comment by Ratshag — August 7, 2008 @ 1:12 pm | Reply

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