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August 11, 2008

Raiding update, some successes

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I’ve fallen behind on my blog so I’ll try to catch up with this post. Our guild has had some good successes.


We again struggled to get a full raid. SSC or TK was the plan but since we were short we went to Gruuls. High King went well. By the time we got to Gruul we had a full raid. The last time we fought Gruul we one-shotted him with only 21 in the raid. This time with a full raid we wiped twice before getting him down.

On to Mags. The trash went fine. On Mag, we had a new tank that couldn’t seem to get his Warlock when we got started. 3 warlocks on the MT, me again, means not enough kicks to stop heals. Even though the tank got aggro on his warlock he didn’t move him far enough away. Wipe. Second attempt, same exact thing. Wipe #2. The third attempt the tank finally got his warlock. The warlocks went down before Mag came out. I grabbed him and tanked him as usual. Box clickers did their thing. Mag went down.

I’m getting tired of Gruuls and Mags but we have a lot of new people getting geared up so the raids were well worth it. The wipes really bothered the raid leaders but unlike a few months ago they gave out praise for a fun raid instead of implying everyone sucks. The ones doing that are the ones I mentiond previously that had gone back to another guild.


I was tired and didn’t feel like raiding. I ended up on Gius, my healer, in Kara. Again, we have new raiders that need a lot of gear out of there. Gius needs a lot of kara stuff too. Everything went fine with Attumen and Moroes. Maiden was a close one as we lost the other healer at the end. Maiden went down though.

Affter Maiden another healer logged on that really wanted to go to Kara so he took my place and I went to bed. I think they did all the bosses buth Ilhoof and Night Bane so they must have played a long time.


Now we get to the good stuff. We always have a ton of people playing during the day on Saturday’s but never raid until the evening. This time I organized a day run of ZA. The intent was to stay in there as long as possible and get to new content. Although we have dropped all 4 bosses, we have never dropped more than 3 in one run. We always say we are going to come back the next day but never get back in before reset.

This time we got started about 1pm my time. We had our unconventional group of 3 tanks (2 warriors and a pally), 3 healers and only 4 DPS. The gauntlet to the Eagle boss was easy with 3 tanks. I’m not sure what happened but we wiped on the first attempt on the Eagle boss. We got him the second time and still beat the timer. Everything went fine on the Bear boss but we didn’t beat the timer due to the earlier fight. Again, having 3 tanks makes the trash easy.

On to the Dragonhawk. For the first time (I think) we made it through the trash without a wipe. We had a few close calls with the scouts though. On one pull we were fighting 4 mobs when a scout popped up and hit the drum. About 10 seconds later another scout popped up and hit a drum. So the 4 pull became a 10 pull. Some how we managed to get through that disaster without a wipe. We weren’t as fortunate on the Dragonhawk boss. I can’t really see what is going on in the rest of the raid while I am tanking so I don’t know why we wiped twice. The third try was the charm and he was dropped. 3 bosses down.

Now we were in uncharted territory for the guild: going for the 4th boss in ZA on the same run. Only a few of us had done the Lynx boss. We hadn’t downed him in about 6 weeks and most of the people in those runs were the ones that left the guild. So I was really expecting the Lynx to be tough. We had no mishaps on the trash. Then we one-shotted the Lynx boss! ZOMG, we couldn’t believe it. It was text book. The other warrior tank stayed on the Lynx and I picked the Spirit when he spawned. The fight went perfectly.

Now, for the first time after about 3 months of going into ZA, we were moving on to the 5th boss, Malacrass. We had all watched videos and read strategies. We thought we were prepared. We were not prepared. The trash was easy. Malacrass was not. Our biggest problems were our CC’s wouldn’t hold. Sheeps broke. Shackles broke. It was a nightmare. The huge shadow bolt volleys blasted our healers. We wiped about 8 times before we gave up. It was about 5pm now and after 4 hours, and much of that wiping on Malacrass, we decided to take a break. We came back later in the evening and wiped another 2 hours. We were not prepared. Next time we will have some shadow resist gear and Flasks of Chromatic Wonder for every one.

Despite the hours of wipes, the raid was still a huge success. We finally got to Malacrass. We are one step closer to getting a full clear of ZA. We will be coming back to ZA next Saturday afternoon.


We decided to go back into SSC and get Leo. We were very slow getting going as we were short of people. When we started an hour later we had 23. The very first pull of trash went bad. A new tank forgot to click off his salve and it resulted in half the raid getting killed. The other trash pulls went fine. Now for Leo.

We hadn’t attempted Leo since we lost several people in the guild over a month ago. We had so many new people in the raid that the fight explanation and planning took almost 30 minutes. My expectations were low. Our first attempt we got him down to 69%. Two tanks went donw to their inner demons. The other two tanks went down due to lack of heals since some of the healers also didnt defeat their inner demons. The second attempt went better. I think we were close to 50% when the Lock tank went down. Again, issues with healing. The third attempt was amazing. Our DPS was on fire and really on their “A game”. It was our best drop of Leo ever. I think we only lost 2 people the whole fight. Me and the other tanks all stayed alive and did a good job keeping aggro on Leo. I defeated my inner demon with ease. This time I went DW in beserker stance. With the Mallet of Tides in one hand and the Merciless Gladiator’s Slicer in my off hand (with Demon Slaying enchant on it) I mowed him down in about 15 seconds. If you have read my previous blogs about inner demons you will know what a nightmare they have been for me. Not anymore, hehe.

Wow. We were ecstatic with the Leo kill! It felt like another guild first since half the raid had never seen the boss before. Tier 5 loot! I barely lost on a roll for the gloves.

Ok. Sorry for the long read. The last few days of raids have been a lot of fun. Our guld is progressing and many of the new people are getting geared very rapidly. Good times for GBU!



  1. I could use some tips on shadow resist gear to make the Malacrass fight easier. Keep in mind that our guild doesnt do BT or Hyjal yet and we don’t have any Hearts of Darkness. We are all going to have the necklace that has 30 shadow resist and Flasks of Chromatic Wonder that give another 35. Adding in a pally or priest buff we should all be at 135. I am think a little more would be good, especially for the healers.

    Comment by tankette — August 11, 2008 @ 7:24 pm | Reply

  2. That sounds like you’re making great progress. Good for you! I am heading to Gruul’s for the first time next weekend, and while you’ve done that a lot, sounds like, it’s pretty new territory for me.

    Comment by Kadomi — August 12, 2008 @ 12:02 am | Reply

  3. I don’t bother with shadow resistance gear on that fight – we generally just have the casters put it on.

    I guess that because we’re a Black Temple guild that skipped ZA somewhat and then went back to it that having the shadow resistance gear is beneficial.

    I think most people put on one or two pieces, so 100-150 is about right.

    Comment by Namthe — August 12, 2008 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

  4. Thanks for the comments and thanks for the advice Namthe. I don’t think we will go overboard on the shadow resist but 135% minimum and 160% for clothies is what we are shooting for. Your comment about being a BT guild makes me wonder how doable Malacrass is for a T4/Badge Gear guild.

    Comment by tankette — August 12, 2008 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

  5. I’ll have to try DW on the inner demon sometime. I’ve always been afraid my only chance was spell reflect, although last night I couldn’t kill one in time because the stupid demon phase was over before the demon’s second cast could be reflected to kill him.

    Comment by Vrathmat — August 12, 2008 @ 2:53 pm | Reply

  6. @Vrathmat – I have experienced what you are talking about with the spell reflect. I’ve had times where I needed the inner demon to cast one more shadow bolt and he didn’t cast it or worse, missing my spell reflect by being a second too late. DW is much easier for me and takes the chance out of it. Note that not only did I get a weapon just for the inner demons, I also switched out of a lot of my best tanking armor for dps. I think my dps per the mele page went up from around 150 to 190 by switching gear before the fight.

    Comment by Tankette — August 12, 2008 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

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