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August 13, 2008

Sunwell Plateau!! How could I forget?

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I forgot to mention in my earlier post about my little trip into SWP yesterday! I got home from work early yesterday and logged on to do a little farming when a guildie whispered me that he was in a PUG farming SWP trash and they needed a tank. Why not, I said to myself and told him I’d give it a shot.

Within seconds I had a raid invite and was summoned into SWP. Someone whispered me Vent info and before I could even alt-tab over to Vent the raid leader did a ready check. No, I selected. I toggled over and started messing with Vent. Since I only use our guild channel it took me a mintue to figure out how to set up a new channel. As soon as I figured it out I hear the raid leader impatiently asking if I was ready yet. “Give me a minute”, I replied.

I toggled back over to WoW. I’m in DPS gear, I have few buffs and I don’t even have my shield equiped and these guys are asking if I am ready?! Not to mention I have no clue what was going on or what I was supposed to do. I quickly chugged some elixers, ate some spicy craw and equiped all my tanking gear and shield. Ready.

Turns out my job was simple. Tank one mob while everything else was sheeped. I was the only tank in a full 25 man raid. That was something new. “One mob at a time, no problem”, I thought. The only problem is I am pretty well geared for T4/T5 content and most of the guys in this PUG are wearing T6 and SW stuff! Holy cow! I was really pressed to pull out all the stops to keep aggro. One elemental shammy in particular was a threat monster.

Having never framed Sunwell trash before, I found the method quite interesting. There are 7 mobs and we kill 6 of them and run out of the instance. The 7 mobs reappear and we repeat. Each cycle takes about 5 minutes. Meanwhile epic patterns, Sunwell motes (or whatever they were called), Marks of Illadari and epic gems drop all over the place. Everything was at breakneck pace. If I was just a second slow breaking the next target the DPS was already hitting it. My fingers were moving so fast my hands were sweating. At one point I died and the group kept every mob sheeped until I could run back and get at it again. A few DPS’ers died here and there, sometimes from AOE, sometimes from pulling aggro from me, but nothing ever slowed the pace. I think we killed the same mobs over and over for an hour and a half. We must have done it 25 times at least. Judging by the pace and the fairly low number of party deaths I think I did a good job. Considering how out geared I was by the other raiders I was pleased with my performance.

When the raid leader called it we all made one roll. The highest rolls got the best stuff and the lowest got just a Mark of Illidari. I rolled a 7, the lowest roll. Doh! Oh well, at least I got to experience something new. Best of all, I think me and the other guildie that was in the PUG understand what to do enough to be able to pull the same thing off with our own guild.



  1. LOL nice! congrats on the new experience. Sunwell trash is certainly in vogue atm. But didnt some part of you that underneath the promise of gold and epics, sunwell trash farming is utterly BORING and rather POINTLESS ? 😛

    hehe I went into a group expecting at least some sort of raid-like challenge. How disappointed i was – and as tank, I had arguably one of the less boring jobs in there. I quit after 3 rounds. 500g a pop is nice if you win a roll, but tbh, the experience was almost exactly like those early days farming cloth in darkshore, trying to level up first aid. I challenge you: is it really any different ?!

    Personally, I’d like to kill KJ; I’ll save my time in sunwell till we’re ready to start

    Comment by John — August 13, 2008 @ 6:46 pm | Reply

  2. Ya, it did get old after a while. I can’t say boring because I was always on my toes to hold aggro. I was glad when it was over.

    There was a pattern that dropped for the some goggles that my son wants badly for his mage. Too bad he wasn’t in there to roll. I hear the pattern sells for 5000g – 8000g.

    Comment by tankette — August 13, 2008 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

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