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August 15, 2008

SSC Farming

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Can I call it farming? We were back in SSC last night and we took down Hydross and Lurker once again. We had a rookie tank with us and a pally tank that is still learning. I addition we had some unlucky breaks, like the nature tank getting water tombed while we were making the transition from frost to nature. We ended up wiping 3 times despite DPS being on their “A” game. The raid leader was frustrated. At one point he considered taking the raid to Gruul instead. But we persevered, got Hydross down on the 4th attempt, and moved on to Lurker.

Lurker has become easy. But the raid leader, still flustered from the Hydross wipes, called everyone in the water for a spout when what was really happening is Lurker was diving and the adds were coming. Wipe. Now the raid leader was frustrated with himself. In his defense, the raid leader was filling in for our normal raid leader for 25 mans who couldn’t make it. The next attempt went perfect.

I have to say I really enjoy being MT on Lurker. It is pretty simple once you get the rythym of the whirls, spouts and adds. We had the rookie tank catch the add by where I was tanking Lurker. Sure enough, despite instruction, he didn’t seem to be able to find his add. I grabbed it for him the first two times and he would taunt it off me. The third time he had it figured out. When that add was handled I would go help the pally tank with his add. I’m not sure he needed it but I would concussion blow the add to give the healer a chance to get him topped off. When the concussin blow wore off I would disarm the add. Then I would go back to my tanking spot and wait for Lurker to come back.

I think we are headed back to TK to try Solarian on Sunday night. The fight looks pretty easy on the videos. After getting Voidreaver in 3 attempts the guild is feeling confident.

Back to Hydross. I don’t know how many times it will take for the fight to be easy. Will we always struggle with the transitions that seem downright buggy? Is the loot even worth the time? I don’t think anyone took main-spec loot from him this time.



  1. There are a couple of pieces there worth acquiring. Keep in mind that I raid with a Holy priestess and a Beast Mastery hunter, so I’ll be thinking along those lines! There’s cloth healing bracers that won’t be replaced until downing Rage in Hyjal Summit. There are a couple of DPS pieces that I wanted on my hunter back in the day, including a decent chest piece and a ring with some nice Hit Rating on it.

    Best way to decide what bosses to do is to ask raiders to post on the forums what items that they need from each boss and keep it updated when they acquire upgrades. Our raid enacted a policy in which we don’t down bosses any more if people don’t have loot listed on their thread. I’m not sure if this portion of the forums is restricted to members only, but Csilla maintains a thread of loot upgrades from Tier 5 content here.

    Relying on a boss mod will help a lot with Hydross. One of my raids transitions at the fourth debuff while my other one transitioned at the fifth (we’re cocky in that raid and rightfully so!). Remind people to stop putting up DoTs during the debuff before transition; in other words, if you were to transition during the fourth debuff, stop all DoTs during the third. Also, call it out. Have one person and one person alone focus on calling out when to stop casting DoTs and when to transition. It’s much easier then.

    Ask your hunters to help with Misdirections. In my hunter’s raid we had four or five hunters a week, which meant that we could use Misdirections on both Hydross tank and the add tanks when needed. That helped a bit, even though it wasn’t necessary for our group. It allowed DPSers to open up earlier.

    Also, moving the entire raid to the opposite side will help prevent people from accidentally pulling after a transition. This is especially important if you have DPSers that still have DoTs up following a transition or healers who continue healing through a transition. This way, even if the tank loses control of Hydross it won’t cross the barrier and force four new adds to join. That’s the number one thing that you want to avoid since even skilled and geared groups might have problems handling eight adds as opposed to the expected four.

    Solarian is a very simple fight — if everyone pays attention. The worst thing that can happen is to have a raider blow up on the raid. It’s usually an instant wipe. The thing to do is to make sure that people pay attention on Vent if you call out names and have someone run with a boss mod that whispers people when they have the debuff. Wrath of the Astromancer is the priority of the fight; if someone has it he has to immediately stop whatever he is doing and move from the group.

    If you have people with lag problems, disconnect problems, or that can’t just move when needed, consider keeping them off to the side by themselves. That way, they never have to move to avoid blowing up people and the bulk of your raid can focus on doing their job instead of avoiding those raiders with suicidal tendencies. We’ve had isolate people quite a few times when they wiped the group attempt after attempt after attempt.

    Other than that, it’s group tanking the adds when they spawn, interrupting heals when the priests pop up, and making sure that you have two to three healers dedicated to healing Arcane Missile attacks. A /assist High Astromancer macro will help your Arcane Missile healers keep everyone alive. At 20% she becomes a loot pinata; our raid’s Holy paladin used to tank at this point because it was so ridiculously easy. Putting up Prayer of Shadow Protection at the start of the fight will minimize the amount of damage she does during this phase, but it’s really negligible.

    Good luck!

    Comment by Cynra — August 15, 2008 @ 4:17 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for all the input Cynra. We are doing pretty much everything you said for Hydross but still haven’t been one shotting him like we should.

    Great idea about posting on drops needed. I couldn’t see your link so I am wondering if you have each person start a thread for all their upgrades or if you do a thread for each boss? We have a hard time getting our raiders to read our web site forums on a regular basis, which could be a problem.

    Thanks also for the input on Solarian. Hopefully the trash on the way there won’t take too long and we can at least get in 4 or 5 attempts if we don’t drop her by then.

    Comment by tankette — August 15, 2008 @ 4:50 pm | Reply

  3. Yeah, agreed that Solarian’s a cakewalk. If any of your raid have done Baron Geddon in MC, then they know the fight already – it’s that plus a bit of AoE, basically.

    Also very much agree with the strategy of the entire raid moving to the opposite side slightly before transition on Hydross. It’s saved us several times – though even after months of doing him, we still ocaasionally have issues with the fight. It’s very much one of the most unforgiving fights in Tier 5 content, after maybe Kael and Al’ar.

    Comment by Namthe — August 15, 2008 @ 8:02 pm | Reply

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