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August 18, 2008

Holy priest update, weekend raids, etc.

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I will try to be short with this post as I have limited time.

Friday night I took my holy priest, Gius, back into Kara. We finished off the instance in my first full clear as a healer. My luck with drops has been incredible. I got the mace from Maiden and then got the one from Prince. Between my tailoring, pvp bracer, badge trinket and 7 drops from Kara I’m now fully eppiced except one trinket. Be Imba score 198 after only 4 Kara runs. Not bad for an alt that spends most of his play time herbing. I may do a ton of PVP for the second trinket.

Saturday was ZA. We tried out some things that didn’t work. Going really fast on Eagle boss gauntlet. Only running with 2 healers. Taking raid members that can’t stomach wipes. All of those things didn’t work. We eventually got the first 4 bosses down. I lost track of how many people came and left the raid, some more than once. When we got to Malacrass we ended up wiping 8 or so times before giving up. We killed all the adds first and then worked on Malacrass. Him stealing pally abilities was our downfall. He’d consecrate and we’d run. Then he’d heal up. ZA reset Sunday morning so it was another failed attempt at getting a new boss kill.

Sunday night we went into SSC. Again, new people caused problems. We took 5 attempts before finally dropping Leo. What part of “stop dps” is so hard to understand. Oh well, 3 more T5 gloves handed out and my son got some giant looking spell dps sword that he was all happy about. He has gone from Fire to Arcane to Frost spec in the last few days. He’s the best geared dps in our guild now, I think.

We got another guildie over the weekend that was in our guild previously. She has been a pleasure to run with in the past so I am glad she came back. One more solid raider in our guild. Our guild keeps getting stronger.



  1. Gyah! Sorry to hear about your problems. <soothes>

    In order to be successful with the run, you really need a dedicated group. We get by with nine people week to week while switching in one person (something usually comes up real-life related), but we’re all experienced people in badge gear or above and have been working together for months now. If people sign up for the raid, they should be the same people each week with the expectation to show up week after week to make attempts — even if failure is imminent.

    Having people switch out in the middle of a raid for anything short of an emergency sucks. Bleh! Time to pummel some people or something!

    Malacrass was the boss that was most difficult for us in any of the four groups I’ve run with. The thing to do with the paladin is to first Dispel his Avenging Wrath as soon as you see it. That buff increases his damage by 50%, which means that his Consecration is going to hurt like hell. Think of it this way: the spell does 30,000 damage over twenty seconds so having that Avenging Wrath up makes it 45,000 damage. That’s 2,250 a tick! If your priest (I’m assuming one and Holy) isn’t too busy get him to Dispel it. Or have a mage Spellsteal it so that his damage increases by 50%. It’s the single most painful thing that can happen when he absorbs the paladin’s power.

    You might want to consider doing the same thing when he absorbs a druid. As a druid he has Thorns, capable of doing 200 damage per hit. If you’re in a melee heavy group, a quick Dispel or Spellsteal can remove a lot of the healing you’ll have to do. I try to do that sometimes, but I don’t always have the flexibility to do that. I make one hell of an effort we he’s a paldin, though!

    Hoping that things work out better soon! It will, promise!

    Comment by Cynra — August 18, 2008 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  2. I like the idea of a spell steal on the Avenging Wrath. We have been considering just not having any Paladins in the fight.

    Comment by tankette — August 18, 2008 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

  3. We joked about doing something like that one day. The fight is dependent on what classes you have available, including which mobs you come up against. We always wondered what would happen if we brought all warriors and shamans. No Hibernate, no Shackle Undead, no Polymorph, no Banish: no crowd control of any type. Wouldn’t it be interesting?

    Damned shame that my warrior is a mere 50-something and my shaman is Horde otherwise I would love to get in on that idea!

    Comment by Cynra — August 19, 2008 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

  4. The fight is dependent on what classes you have available

    … to some extent, yes. However, you’re guaranteed to always get an undead, a humanoid and something you can put to sleep. So it’s not as hard to get a group that’s guaranteed to success as it first seems.

    Comment by Namthe — August 19, 2008 @ 3:26 pm | Reply

  5. …however now I read the comment I see that’s more about his spell-stealing abilities. It’s generally not too much of an issue, we’ve found, and we always take a paladin. Use a counter spell or an earth shock if he heals while consecrating.

    We generally do the fight by killing two and CCing two. That way healer mana is OK for the shadowbolts, and there’s less risk of things running around. The adds despawn when he dies, too.

    Comment by Namthe — August 19, 2008 @ 3:30 pm | Reply

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