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August 20, 2008

Gruul, Voidreaver, Mag

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Monday evening we had our usual guild meeting. We decided that Gruuls and Mags would no longer be scheduled and our 3 nights (Tues, Thurs & Sun) of 25 man raids would be SSC and TK. We will try to squeeze in Gruuls and Mags here and there.

After the meeting, we decided to see who wanted to do Gruuls. We ended up with 15 from the guild and PUGed the rest. We had a fun time despite messy fights. There were a lot of deaths but High King and Gruul were one-shotted. The Gruul fight was entertaining as the warrior that was MT went down at 40%. I was second on threat so I took over and a third tank got hunter misdirects to get his threat up. DPS was lacking and we kept going from one growth to another. At 10% the other tank went down so I was solo tanking with random people getting the hateful strike. By the time Gruul finally fell he was at growth 16 and half the raid was dead. Like i said, entertaining.

Last night we went to TK. The trash pulls went faster than last week. We had only one wipe on the trash from double pulls and that was towards the end. It took 1 1/2 hours before we pulled Voidreaver. That’s probably really slow but it was 30 minutes better than the first time. The Voidreaver fight was a breeze. We one-shotted him and only had 2 or 3 raiders die. Even the melee DPS stayed alive this time. More T5 shoulders for GBU. My son’s friend got a nice cloth head for his warlock.

We had some raid time left over but not enough to try a new boss in TK. If most of the mages weren’t fire spec we might have tried Alar. Instead we went and did Mags. I let the other warrior tank be MT and I was a box clicker. Everything in the fight went pretty smooth and Mag was one-shotted.


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