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August 22, 2008

Back in SSC, WTF is with all the D/C’s?

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We had a raid night plagued with disconnects. Some seemed to be random and others not. One of our off tanks disconnected so much we had to kick him from the raid. We ended up doing a lot of trash pulls with only 2 warrior tanks.

I don’t even want to think about trying Hydross with only 2 tanks. We skipped him and went on to Lurker. Luckily we got a third tank again by the time we got to Lurker. But then that tank, not the same one we had to kick from the raid, also disconnected. How the heck we survived any of the adds is beyond me. We got to about 40% before we wiped. On the second attempt we had other’s get disconnected. That lead to a healer death and then all the melee DPS getting killed. What ensued was a very long fight. During the adds the islands were ok but dealing with the 3 adds on the inner island was crazy. The add our MT picked up would die just barely in time for the MT to pick up Lurker again. My add and the other OT’s add were still at about 50% when Lurker would get back. We’d hop in the water to avoid the spout while still tanking the 2 adds. Fortunately the DPS on the islands would be able to kill those 2 fairly quickly. At one point I had to taunt and tank Lurker when our MT got thrown off the island. It was one of those close fights that we thought there was no way we’d win but eventually did.

Raid members dropped after that and others replaced them. We marched on to Leo without any more disconnects and with 3 tanks. The first attempt with Leo went bad due to bad luck with the timing of his whirlwind and switching to demon phase. We reset the fight at about 75%. The second attempt was going better. We got through the first demon phase and everyone killed their inner demon. But then I was killed quickly upon Leo going back to human form! WTF?! I checked the combat log and I was hit about 7 times without getting a heal. But then I also realized I forgot to re-equip my shield after dual wielding during demon phase. I felt like a fool and was thinking I caused a wipe but then a druid battle rez put me back in the game. We ended up downing Leo in relative ease after that.

Sunday we will go back in to SSC. We will hopfully have everyone we need to down Hydross and then make our first attempts at morgrim Tidewalker. We’ve been watching the fight and we are geared well enough. It is only a question of how fast we learn once we get in there. Maybe we’ll get him in the first night like we did Voidreaver.


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