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August 25, 2008

Tidewalker, Kara, ZA, Sunwell Trash

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It was a weeked of raiding once again. I love raids. I wish I could do them at least 75% of the time I’m logged on.

Friday night I went into Kara with my holy priest, Gius. He’s doing really well for himself with about 2000 bonus heals unbuffed. Not bad for an alt. Anyway, we did Attumen and Moroes without much difficulty. We had 2 new warrior tanks so they needed a lot of heals. When we got to Maiden we kept wiping from the holy fire. I was trying to dispell but I was too slow trying to target the person and then finding dispell to click. Luckily someone with a clue was listening in Vent and told me how to alt-click on healbot for a quick dispell. Lol, something so easy and I had no clue. The third attempt went well and I dispelled all the holy fires and we didnt have any raid deaths. Opera was Oz and that went fine.

I went to bed at that point. I was tired from a long day at work. After tossing around trying to get to sleep, I gave up on sleeping. When I got to my computer, my son was playing Gius and healing the raid. He’d never played a healer but clicking on healbot is so easy he was doing just fine. I kicked him out of my chair and healed through Curator and on to Shade. Shade kicked our butts 3 times and we gave up for the night.

Saturday we went to ZA again. We struggled to get the group going, I had some things to do around the house and others were off and on as well. We finally got going in the evening. Man, we stunk. We wiped on Eagle boss trash, we wiped on the Eagle boss like 4 times. We have never done so poorly. We swapped out a new Lock for a veteran Lock and finally got the Eagle boss down. Wow, still cant believe we did so poorly. We went over to the Bear boss and one-shotted him. We took a short break and then 2 shotted the Lynx. At that point we were done. No Dragonhawk boss. No attempts on Malacrass, which was our main goal for the raid. Everyone was busy on Sunday. We might get back in there tonight but I doubt it. Maybe next weekend.

Last night we went into SSC. We had just 2 tank, me and a pally tank that has recentyl re-specced from holy. Our raid leader had done his homework so we had a fairly easy time with the trash despite only 2 tanks. With Lurker and Leo already down and needing 4 tanks for Hydross we made our way to Morogrim Tidewalker for the first time. No wipes until the very last trash pull. At last, attempts on Tidewalker! Oh the anticipation!

On the first pull we got him to 75%. That was a good sign. We learned some things and made a lot of adjustments on positioning. The 2nd and 3rd pulls also went to about 75%. Both times I died. Not enough healers on the MT! I was chain drinking Ironskin potions, using Nightmare Seeds and Last Stand. My armor with the potions was right at 20,000. My defense was 553. I don’t think I was undergeared, just not enough healers assigned to me. The 4th attempt went so much better. The raid leader changed up healing assignments and the healers had no trouble keeping me alive. Every thing was going well all the way down to 25%. At that point most of the raid had to switch positions and I had to back Tidewalker to be facing the wall in the corridor. I don’t know what happened but we lost most of the DPS’ers at that point. Slowly we were taking him down from 25%. In what seemed like an eternity, we got him all the way to 12% before we wiped. I think the murlocs ate the healers. Unfortunately we had trash respawns at that point so we called the raid.

I KNOW we would have downed him with one more attempt. Ah well, he’s going down next week. I’d really like to get 2 first kills for the guild next week – Tidewalker and Malacrass.

Late Sunday night I joined a PUG to farm Sunwell trash. Runor has it that a fix will be made to prevent farming the trash soon. Not sure if that’s true. Anyway, they needed heals so I joined on Gius. We didn’t have any wipes and we must have killed the trash 20 times. 3 sunmotes and 7 epic gems dropped. Given we only had 21 people, it was pretty good odds to get some loot. 3 of my fellow guildies rolled 100’s! Holy cow, how does that happen?! They all got sunmotes. Those sell for around 1300g on my server lately. I ended up with one of the gems, which should sell  for about 275g. Not a bad haul for 2 hours. I had fun too. Some PUGs are full of unpleasant people. This one was full of freindly and considerate people, which makes all the difference in the world.


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  1. The transition to the second phase of Tidewalker can be hell. For one, you’re avoiding those globules-whatever-the-heck-they-are, which can be pretty quirky when you’ve got a giant monster waving his steering wheel accouterments at you. And moving backwards while trying to position yourself could maybe result in a tank turning his back at an inopportune time. Then, depending on where you situate him (most groups tend to head for the closest doorway since the globules will explore prior to getting there), you’ve put yourself in a position where the two waves of murlocs will not arrive at the same time. In order words, you can have people attacking the first closest wave and then get num-num-num-munched by the second wave because your Protection paladin hasn’t had the opportunity to gain threat on them yet. My priest’s raid tended to wait until both waves were hitting on the Protection paladin before even considering attacking the murlocs.

    You’ll get him! Tidewalker was one of those fights that initially seems like a bear, but once you get your first down you can pretty much place him on the farmed list. It’s just a matter of figuring out everything and getting that first down.

    And congratulations on the gem! I’ve done a couple of Sunwell farm runs and a handful of genuine attempts with other raids; it’s a fun and interesting place. I’m still not sure if I like the lack of trash following Kalecgos. It just seemed, well, odd.

    Comment by Cynra — August 28, 2008 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

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