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September 21, 2008

Bosses dropping like flies

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It has been a while since I made a blog post and there’s a lot to write about. First off, Hurricane Ike put the hurt to my house and kept me off of WoW for most of the last week. The house is being fixed but it will take months to be back to normal around here. Luckily we have power and internet once again so life isn’t so bad.

Before Ike blew in the guild made another foray into TK. Voidreaver continues to be easiy. The trash pulls to get to him cause more raid deaths than he does. After dropping him we made our way over to Solarian. It was the second night of attempts. It took 3 tries before everyone got the hang of running away when they were turned into a bomb. Solarian went down pretty easy at that point. Another new boss down for the Good, Bad and Ugly!

Last Sunday night the guild made the second night of attempts on Fathom-lord as well as Tidewalker. I wasn’t with the raid since I was battling Ike at the time but I hear Tidewalker went down easy (2nd kill for guild) and then Fathom-lord dropped as well. They had 1 non-guild person in the raid so it wasn’t an official kill.

So we were back in SSC on Thursday and my internet was finally working. We one shotted Tidewalker. We used 2 pally tanks on the Murlocs, a warrior tank to pick up strays and then me as MT. Having 7 healers instead of our normal 6 helped as well. Fathom-lord proved to be tougher. I think it took 5 tries before we finally got him down. I was on Fathom-lord, which is pretty much a no-brainer to tank. I think when we put the other warrior tank on the healer mob, instead of a pally tank, we finally got the fight figured out. For some reason the pally tanks weren’t able to survive on that mob. Another new boss kill for GBU!

The next night we made our first serious venture into Mount Hyjal. My internet was down again so I missed the raid. About 2 hours into the raid (5th or 6th attempt or Rage Winterchill) my internet connection came back so I got to at least listen to the raid in Vent. The fight sounded chaotic and people were frustrated. They wiped 2 more times while I listened in. On the “this will be the last attempt” attempt, everything fell together. Again I think the main problem had been keeping the pally tanks alive. This time all the tanks stayed up and Winterchill went down. Another boss down for GBU!

So in like the last 3 weeks we have had first kills on: Voidreaver, Solarian, Tidewalker, Fathom-lord and Rage Winterchill. We are on a roll! While other raid guilds are throwing in the towel because WoTLK is coming, our guild kicked it into high gear instead. Our goal is to completely clear SSC and TK before WoTLK. Maybe we’ll try BT a few nights as well.


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