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October 8, 2008

While we wait

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The expansion date keeps getting closer. I took pride in our guild’s continued progression while other guilds on our server stopped raiding. But our raids came to screeching halt 2 weeks ago. Some of it was people just wanting a break from raiding. We also lost 4 players to a Latin America server. Now they can be in a guild where everyone speaks Spanish like they do.

So for 2 weeks we weren’t able to get a raid going. During this time we had a few new players join the guild. We also had a few players return to WoW after a long break. They wanted to get back into the swing of things before WoTLK hits. And lastly we had a few players finally get their first character to 70 that were eager to get a first taste of raiding.

Sunday night we got a raid going for Gruuls and Mags. We mainly decided to throw a raid together to help a few people finish off their Champions of Naaru questlines. It turned out to be a fun raid with no wipes and High King, Gruul and Mag all one-shotted. I got to MT all 3 and never died once. Gruul was down on growth #9. We had no deaths during the Mags fight. Sure, we out gear those raids but it was still great to have pretty much a perfect night. All the new players did well and integrated with the regulars just fine.

Encouraged by Sunday night, we went back to scheduling a full week of raids. Our best guess on the patch that will change all our specs and nerf all the raids is Oct 21.

Last night we took pretty much the same crew as Sunday night into SSC. There were some mistakes made here and there by the new raiders but all in all they did well. We cleared trash to Lurker without difficulty. The Lurker fight was near perfect. We only had 3 tanks so I picked up an add during the dive as well as MT’ed Lurker. I don’t think it was the fastest kill of Lurker we have ever done but we had no raiders die. From there we went on to Leo. The trash to Leo is a little tougher so we had a few more deaths. The Leo fight was a real challenge though. I think we had 8 people in the raid that had never downed him before. Everything was going perfect until 30%. Then some of the newer raiders didn’t stop DPS when they were supposed to and Leo aggroed onto clothies after the whirlwind. We lost 3 before I could regain aggro. It became a messy blur after that but I managed to stay alive (used shield wall, last stand, etc.) and so did the warlock tank and most of the healers. It was a long battle as more and more DPS’ers got mowed down. At one percent, even the healers switched to doing DPS on Leo. He died with only 6 or 7 raiders still standing. Close one, but Leo was one-shotted. And, I finally got my T5 gloves!

We stopped at that point. Everyone was feeling great about the raid so it was good to walk out with our heads held high again. We had time for a few attempts on Vashj but no one had the stomach for that. Hopefully we’ll get back to making attempts on her soon.

Beyond waiting to raid again, I have been foucused on accumulating gold before the expansion. I’ve been doing 36 dailies on most days and 12 dailies on light days. I reached the goal I set for myself for gold already. Bored, I’m starting to level up my bank toon. Maybe I’ll have him take up inscription.


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  1. It’s pretty sparse when one begins leveling up their bank alt. Me? I level mine once per expansion. Level 3, here we go!

    Comment by Arideni — October 10, 2008 @ 12:13 am | Reply

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