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October 21, 2008

Another ZA clear, warrior tank dps

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Last night we did our second full clear of Zul Aman. It is a fun raid, and even though it isn’t nearly as hard as it used to be, it isn’t a complete pushover.

We blew through the Eagle boss and then the Bear boss. We had a bad first attempt on the Dragonhawk due to people new to the fight. People have to see the fight to really understand the bombs so we had 3 people die on the first round of them. The second attempt was better. We had 3 or 4 deaths but we got him down. It was the first time we beat 3 timers. Ya, it’s nerfed so it doesn’t count for much but it was still the best we’ve ever done.

We tried to hurry to get to the Lynx boss since we still had 11 minutes left on the timer. But the same people that didn’t know the Dragonhawk boss fight got lost and ran into patrols on the shortcuts to the Lynx. Then we managed to pull 3 groups at once getting through the trash. It wasn’t a complete wipe because me and a pally healer managed to get them all down. TC AOE FTW, lol. The Lynx fight went perfect and I was really happy how well me and the other tank, a pally, worked together.

On to Malacrass. We had the ogre, dragonkin, elemental and ghost. We shackled the ghost, banashed the elemental and I tanked the ogre and dragonkin while the pally tank kept Malacrass busy. The adds were all handled just fine but our shammy healer just couldn’t stay alive so we wiped on the second round of spirit bolts. The second attempt was just the same. For the third attempt one of our DPS’ers switched to his healer. With three healers Malacrass went down easy.

Zul’jin is still a tough fight. The Eagle phase is the worst. We lost a few raiders during that phase. We lost a few more during the Lynx phase. With only 4 raiders left we slowly grinded Zul’jin down in the last phase. It was a close, and fun, fight but Zul’jin was one-shotted.

On the ZA run over the weekend my DPS was about 530. If I remember correctly, my DPS used to be in the low 300’s before the patch so that gives you and idea of the buff warrior tanks got. This ZA run my DPS went up to 570. I attribute the increase to using Heroic Strike every time I used Revenge, via a macro, since I got the new glyph. I also used Thunder Clap a lot more during multi mob situations. My abilitie “rotation”, if you can still call it that, still need some improvement because I still was wasting rage, especially on the boss fights.

Of course other classes are much stronger now too. Our raid’s Hunter had a DPS of 2100 during the Malacrass kill. He typically was in the 900-1000 DPS range pre-patch. I think his overall DPS during the ZA run was about 1700.


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  1. For Zul-Jin we usually wait out the eagle phase. Everyone backs away and spreads out. Casters use wands to avoid triggering the lightning. Melee use ranged weapons or run in quickly for an attack and then run away from the tornadoes. If I tank I just run in to refresh sunders, and put in a Rend just before the switch.

    Comment by Machus — October 24, 2008 @ 10:09 am | Reply

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