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October 24, 2008

More post nerf raids, Alar goes down

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As I have been writing in the last couple posts, life goes on after patch 3.0.2. Maybe “progression” isn’t an acceptable term for killing new bosses since everything went on EZ-mode but our guild is still raiding. On the one hand we have stronger characters and raid bosses with 30% health. On the other hand we’ve had to take on undergeared raiders with little raiding experience to get a full 25 man group.

Last night we wen’t into TK. The trash should have been much easier for us but we seemed to always accidentally pull 2 groups. We never wiped on the trash but we came really close a few times.

Voidreaver went down really fast. No raiders died. Solarian was even quicker and easier. So we finally got our first serious attempts at Alar. The first attempt we came really close to getting him down despite the tanks, mainly me, not having much of a clue what they were supposed to do. We got him to about 40% on phase 2. On the second attempt we had it all planned out. But the plan was for me to cover the 1st platform, then the 3rd, then back to the 1st. That proved to be a little much for my short legs, especially when I took the longer way to get from 3rd to 1st. We didn’t get past phase 1. On the third attempt we got much better at getting the tanks positioned. I had 1st, another warrior tank had #2, a pally tank had #3, then me on #4, then other warrior tank on #1, then pally tank on #2, repeating. Of course Alar didn’t last that long as he was down (phase 1) the second time he hit the 1st platform. Phase 2 was pretty much tank and spank on the lower level.

Ya, I know it doesn’t count for much but our guild is now 3/4 in TK and 5/6 SSC (SSC was all done pre-patch). I am really hoping we kill Vashj and Kael before WoTLK gets released.

I am getting used to tanking with the new abilities. I have to say that I don’t really like having to stare at my abilities to see when shield slam and revenge come up instead of having a set rotation. It is hard to see what is going on in the fight while maximizing threat. I could hardly even look up at Omen. And despite the increased threat generation post-patch, DPSers were coming much closer to pulling aggro on me than pre-patch. I ended up using both threat trinkets (Lucky Coin and Autoblocker) to keep ahead on the trash mobs.


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