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October 27, 2008

Weekend raids, Kara, ZA, Vashj

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We have found an easy way to keep Kara and Zul’aman challenging. We seem to have another big crop of new 70’s with poor gear and no raid experience. We integrated 3 fresh 70’s along with 7 experienced raiders on alts and hit Kara Firday night. Even with the fresh guys getting killed left and right from mistakes we still did a full clear in 2 hours.

After that we hit ZA with 7 mains and 3 fresh guys. This time their mistakes didn’t just make for a death or two but instead a full wipe. Some of the mistakes were hillarious. Even gimped as we were we cleared ZA in just over 2 hours.

ZA reset Saturday morning so we went back Saturday night. Our guild actually made 2 simultaneous ZA runs. It wasn’t planned this way but it ended up being one group that had done ZA several times and one group that hadn’t. I was lucky to be in the better group. We blew through the first 4 bosses and beat every timer. We still had 10 minutes remaining after the 4th boss. We wiped once on Malacrass then one shotted Zul’jin. Even with some long AFKs and people messing with quests we were done in about an hour and 15 minutes. The other group struggled. Both the tanks had never been to ZA so they had some learning to do. It took them about 3 hours but they finally cleared.

Sunday night we went for Vashj. We only had one night of attempts pre-nerf and the best we had done was to get 3 generators down in phase 2. This time we had a strong group and were better coordinated since we pretty much new the fight. We still wiped 3 times. Handling the nagas and striders was easier but we couldn’t get the tainted cores passed. On the 4th try we got it figured out and Vashj went down. Ya, the raid is nerfed but it still felt good to have SSC done. We all got the achievement.

In the second ZA run I was in where we did so well I hit a new high on DPS of 660. I attribute that to having more shammy totems and equiping an attack power trinket. Top DPS in that raid was 1500.


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