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October 30, 2008

Back to TK

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Tuesday night we went into TK. We downed Alar for the first time on our last TK raid so this time we tried him first. Now knowing the fight, it was really easy and Alar was one-shotted. Voidreaver has always been easy for us. With the nerf, he just dies a lot faster. Same with Solarian. 3 bosses all one-shotted. Nerf or not, it was a good night.

With those 3 down we got our first look at Kael. One the first pull we got through phase 1 easy but then got all confused during phase 2. We couldn’t get the right tanks on the right weapons. The axe whirlwinded in the middle of clothies. Pretty much pandemonium. The second pull went a little better but we still screwed up a lot on phase 2. We got through it and into phase 3 but we had too many die. We got the 4 adds tanked in phase 3 but there weren’t enough healers to keep the tanks alive. We only had time for the two attempts. Tonight we go back in with nothing to kill but Kael. I figure it will take several attempts but I think we will get him down.

Last night I tanked Heroic Slave Pens. I don’t do many 5 mans so this was my first heroic since the patch. Talk about easy. I just hit thunderclap to start the fight and every 10 seconds or so after that and held aggro on everything. The only time mobs were pulled off of me was a couple times the dps warrior did his whirlwind. They weren’t that hard to pull back to me when that happened. It is a short instance but it was still cool to do a whole heroic in about 40 minutes with no deaths. I set a new record for my DPS at just over 800. The dps warrior was at 1200. He said during the heroic he ran the previous day he kept pulling aggro and got killed several times so I was glad to have done a better job. Of course I’m in T5 and badge gear so a heroic shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

We ran Kara after that. We didn’t rush and still killed everything in about an hour and a half, including the new boss. He was all I was really after because I wanted the axe that turns into a guitar. I lost out on the roll though.

2 weeks to WoTLK. Hopefully we’ll have Kael down, Mount Hyjal cleared and several bosses down in BT before then.


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