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November 13, 2008

WoTLK – Day 1

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I guess technically it is still day 1 but since I got started yesterday evening, and  have slept and gone to work since then it seems like another day. Anyway, WoTLK got started for me last night in SMV and Netherstorm. Why I didn’t think of it sooner i don’t know but a guildie tipped me off to the idea of having quests ready to turn in when WoTLK was live. So when I logged on to WoTLK for the first time at about midnight-thirty, i had 25 quests to turn in from Outlands quests. That gave me a quick 300K xp jump start.

In Northrend i decided to go to Howling Fjord since it seemed most people were going to the other starting zone and also i wanted to be close to Utgarde Keep to run it with guildies. I am really impressed with the artwork of Howling Fjord and I took a few minutes just to look at it all.

I killed a few mobs to get a feel for the difficulty and they seem on par with what we had in Netherstorm or SMV. Basically, I can fight several mobs at a time and take almost no damage.

Most of my guildies were in later time zones or were having troubles getting WoTLK going so I couldn’t get a run in Utgard Keep like i had hoped. So I went in by myself. The first pull is just two mobs. They didn’t hit very hard so I was able to solo them. I did have to use every special ability I had to pull it off though. Shockwave, Concussion Blow, Disarm every time they were available. Shield Wall, Last stand, Stone Skin, Recklessness, Retaliation, etc.

Each mob was worth 4K exp, unrested. Unrested??!! WTH? Seems we all start out unrested. Anyway, the challenge of fighting these 2 mobs, without any heals, was fun so I did it over and over again for about an hour while waiting to get 4 more guidlies. I got about 100K exp for that.

This morning I could only squeeze in about 30 minutes before work but I did several quests in Valgarde. That gave me about another 150K exp. Given the ease of getting exp, I hope to get to level 72 tonight and 75 by the end of the weekend.

I have made some looks here and there trying to figure out how and what gear to get at level 80 to be able to run Naxx. My efforts were pretty feeble so luckily Rochelle did the homework for me: http://www.tankhard.com/2008/11/12/huge-and-massive-pre-raid-gear-guide/

My overall plan on leveling is to do it mostly through instances. That will give me the most practice with my tanking skills and also give me good knowledge of every instance. Hopefully heroics will be easier to grind for gear with that knowledge. I am sure I will do some questing when i can’t find any guildies to run an instance but I am planning for 50%-75% of my exp to come from dungeon runs.


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