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November 14, 2008

WoTLK day 1 – part 2

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My second WoW session since WoTLK was still within 24 hours of getting the expansion so technically it was still the first day.

I logged onto WoW and immediately went back to Utgarde Keep. While waiting to get some guildies to group I was back at farming the first two mobs of the instance and then resetting the dungeon. I guess Blizz doesn’t really want you to that since I ended up getting locked out of the instance. Of course just about that time I got a group together. We ending up just doing quests outside for a long while until we could run UK.

My first dungeon run in WoTLK was a good one. While the trash mobs are tank and spank, each of the three bosses had a trick or two up their sleeve. The instance was built more for people leveling from 68+ than for a group of level 70’s that have had 6 months to get epic gear. The run took about an hour. I was slow and methodical, marking all mobs, trying to get poeple to stick to the kill order, etc. It was a learning run.

After UK, I ended up questing for about 30 minutes before getting another group of guildies together for a run. This time we ran the Nexus. I have to hand it to Blizz, they have made some beautiful dungeons as well as the terrain on the outside. I concentrated on more AOE style tanking this time since there are just so many mobs running around. The others in the party had run the instance before so I let someone else lead. We didn’t bother marking anything. The bosses seemed even easier than the ones in UK. I think it is a longer instance thought and it took about an hour and a half to clear. Some of that was switching out a party member because someone had to go. The instance gave me roughly 200K of exp, and I was not rested.

We took this same group back to UK. Again, we didn’t mark any mobs and I did my best to hold aggro AOE style. We cleared the place in 45 minutes. We swaped out 1 party member and reset the instance. I was slowly adapting to the AOE tanking, getting a consistent rotation of Thunderclap, Shockwave, Demoralizing Shout, Shield Slam (hopefully on a different mob each time) and then repeating. I also switched out some gear with high block value for gear with attack power. We pulled all the trash mobs 2 groups at a time and flew through the instance in 33 minutes. We reset and went directly back in. This time we were pulling 3 groups of trash mobs at a time. Now we were at a reckless pace – and we wiped, lol. Going back to 2 groups at a time we cleared the place in about 35 minutes including the wipe. Each run gave me about 130K exp.

And on that third run of UK in a row (fourth of the day) I dinged 71. Obviously not a world record but a nice reward for the dungeon grinding. I was the 12th in our guild to hit 71. Checking the guild roster this morning, there are now two in the guild at 72 and 11 others at 71. My goal isn’t to be the first in the guild to hit 80 but I want to hit 80 with the first pack and get a slot in the first 10 man Naxx run. I think just about all the others in the guild that hit 71 or 72 didn’t go to work or school yesterday. I’m trying to keep up and still work every day. Hopefully I’ll catch up this weekend. My goal of hitting 75 this weekend is probably too much of a stretch. 73 or maybe 74 is more likely.

WoTLK has been very fun so far!


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