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November 18, 2008

I’m flying again

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WoTLK has been out some 100 hours now. Sure, the top guild in the world already cleared the new raid content but what does that mean to me? Nothing really. Sure, I like to compare our guild to others as something to do maybe push us further on content but we still call ourselves casual. I am more concerned about our little society within our guild than trying to have world firsts or even server firsts. I would like to be the first in the guild to hit 80, however.

That said, I’ve been focused on leveling as quickly as reasonably possible. I started out wanting to grind instances and did so at first. Utgarde Keep and Nexus both give good exp for the short time it takes to run them. The problem was that my guildies didn’t really want to run them over and over and over like I did. I ran UK about 10 times and Nexus about 8.

Meanwhile, some in my guild took the first two days off from work for the expansion. I was about the 12th in the guild to hit level 71. I made up some ground and was the 7th in the guild to hit 72. Then we hit the weekend and I could play more. WTF, playing more game time than anyone else in my guild and I was 8th to hit 73. Slipping.

At that point I realized that questing was the way to go. It had taken 12 hours of play time per level from 70-73. I started using Quest helper and mowing through the quests. I was the 5th to hit 74 and then 3rd to hit 75. That was Sunday night. Monday I flew through quests and was the first to hit 76. Later that night one other person in the guild hit 76. Then I hit 77.

Level 77!! I can fly again!! It was such a joy to fly once again that it felt as good as the very first time I got a griffon at level 70. I spent the next hour flying around Northrend, discovering the two zones in Sholazar I had missed as well as all of Icecrown and Storm Peaks. Those two areas unbelievable looking. It was just amazing what Blizz has created. Not only did I finish discovering all of Northrend and get my “Tankette the Explorer” title but I got 160K of exp at the same time for discovering all the new zones. Then I went back to questing in Sholazar, which had become so much easier now that i could fly.

I plan to push on to be the first in the guild to 80. I think I caught the two that were leading the pack by surprise so it could be a close and entertaining race. Sure, there are tons of level 80’s already on my server, including Death Knights, but they aren’t in my guild. 

Not that this is real serious business. Its all for fun and I am have a great time.


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