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November 19, 2008

77 to 78

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Last night I hit 78 by doing a lot of quests in Sholazar Basin and running Anjol-Nerub and Ahn’ket. I think Sholazar is my favorite sone so far. I did enough quests to get the achievement. Getting to man a giant and take out Scourge was a big highlight. The plane ride was fun too.

The two dungeon runs were also a lot of fun even though we had a few wipes. I hadn’t done my homework and didn’t know the fights like I ahould have. Oh well, nothing like on the job experience. I’ll need to run those two a few more times to remember everything. The instances are really hard but they also aren’t the same easy mode that Utgarde Keep and Nexus were.

I spent about an hour farming Titanium and Sardonite ore. You can really find tons of it right now if you are 77+ since most people don’t have their flyers yet. I got 2 stacks of Titanium and 7 stacks of Sardonite in about an hour. I undercut everything on the AH and still should get about 2500g if it all sells. Counting all the Cobalt I had mine in the last few days, I should have about 4000g coming. I am anxious to see if it has all sold when I log in this evening.

Tonight I am going to push for level 79. I’m about 1/4 of the way there. I want to do the arena group quests in Zul’Darak tonight. Otherwise I will be questing in Storm Peaks.

So far I have only replaced just a few items of gear. The quests and fights aren’t making me feel undergeared yet. I don’t think I’ll need much gear beyond my T5 and badge gear until I start running heroics. Maybe I can get through some easier heroics to get geared for the tougher ones. Or maybe I’ll have to buy some BOEs or run regular instances. I still have 8 of the 12 instances to run on regular so maybe I’ll get some drops.


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