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December 1, 2008

Getting caught up

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I took last week off from work and had a lot of play time. I hit 80 on the Friday night before Thanksgiving. I was the first in my guild to hit 80 by two days. It took five more days to get a healer to 80 so we could start heroics.

In the meantime, I spent a lot of time grinding reputaion, farming ore and getting crafted epics. I managed to get to revered with Argent Crusade to get my head enchant. I did the dailies and I wore their tabbard in runs of level 80 dungeons. Reputation for Son’s of Hodir is a much more difficult grind since they don’t have a tabbard. I’ve got about 7 more days of dailies to go to hit exalted with them. I have spent hours hunting down Everfrost chips to turn in for rep and have dilligently done the dailies. One of the two dailies that opens up when you hit honored, Thrusting Hodir’s Spear, is pretty darned hard. I died about 7 times before completing it the first time. Even after completing it several times it still takes me 2-3 attempts to get it done.

The regular level 80 dungeons were pretty easy. I ran all of them with people as low as level 75. There were some wipes as we learned the fights but overall these runs were cake. Occulus was the toughest since there’s so much to learn, especially fighting the last boss with drakes.

The heroics were much tougher for us. We could never get past the second pull in Azjol-nerub after tons of attempts. Drak’theron and Gundrak were much more doable but each boss required 4 or more attempts as we learned the fights. Having done these dungeons on normal difficulty previously didn’t really help when it came time for heroic mode. We did manage to get through Drak’theron once and Gundrak twice giving me my first 16 emblems of heroism.

On to the gear. Prior to WoTLK I did my dailies religiously as well as farmed a lot of ore. I started WoTLK with 21,000 gold. I did so to have the gold to get geared at 80 and it paid off. The first crafted item I purchased was the Titansteel Shield Wall. Second and third were the Tempered Titansteel Treads and Tempered Titansteel Helm. Next was the Shotgun made by engineering. Lastly I got the Titanium Earthguard Ring. I will get the Titanium Earthguard Necklace in the next couple days as soon as a guildie gets the recipie.

To go with all that I have an assortment of blues from running dungeons as well as some crafted ones. I sometimes use an old trinket but most of the time I’m not using any of my old level 70 gear. My stats right now unbuffed are around: 24.5K health, 555 defense, 22.2K armor, 122 hit and something really low for expertise. I forget what my AP is unbuffed (2400?) but it was 3100 fully buffed in last night’s 10 man raids. I am getting parried all over the place by bosses but overall I think I am decently geared for heroics and the beginning 10 mans. I will start picking off emblem gear soon. I will probably get the T7 chest first but I haven’t really thought about it much.

Last night our guild started our first 10 mans. We went to Wintergrasp first and made some attempts on the boss in there, Archavon. We wiped a couple times just figuring things out. On the third attempt we got him down to 8K health before he enraged and we wiped. So freaking close! There were a number of things we could have done if we had that fight to do again. Having only 9 people was also a factor. The danged Horde took over Wintergrasp and we didn’t get to give it another try.

We packed up and went to the Obsidion Sanctum. While we were in Wintergrasp we had another guildie hit 80 so we finally had a full 10 man. Our plan was to take down all the mini-bosses before going to Sartharion. Just these encounters were difficult since we had no clue what strategies to use. We wiped a few times just because the fights lasted so long the healers all went OOM. We did finally get to Sartharion. That fight also took some getting used to so we wiped a bunch. By the end our OT was getting adept at quickly controlling the adds and I had my MT spot figured out. I was able to dodge the waves of lava and it really became a pretty easy tanking job. Our healers weren’t very adept at avoiding the lava waves, though, so that kept causing wipes. We got him down to 7% on our best attempt. We ended up with respawns and had to call the raid.

Both raids were heartbreakers. Soooo close! I won’t be surprised if we drop both of them tonight, provided the Alliance can control Wintergrasp. At least we got more emblems of heroism from the mini-bosses. I’m up to 19 now. Our first Naxx 10 man is planned for Tuesday night.

I have to hand it to Blizz. Everything in WoTLK has been so much fun. I guess there are some guilds that find the raid content too easy but so far it seems about right for our guild. The raids and heroics are challenging enough that we will have to work a little at getting gear and getting strategies down but not so hard that it will take forever.



  1. Nice job on gearing up. That’s one of the major obstacles for warriors who wants to start tanking.

    That’s alot of defense, maybe u can try moving some stats around for hit/expertise.

    Try socketing for Expertise/hit or expertise/stam. I’m near hit cap and my expertise is around -5% chance to parry/dodge.

    Comment by Herc — December 1, 2008 @ 7:49 pm | Reply

  2. I don’t really have a lot of sockets to play with. I may be able to switch out a piece of gear with defense for one with expertise. My bank is full of gear because I have held onto every item of blue value I have come across in WoTLK.

    Hopefully I’ll get a few more good items this week. Not telling what my stats will look like after a few raids and several more heroics.

    Comment by Tankette — December 1, 2008 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

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