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December 2, 2008

DPS makes a big difference

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We went back to Wintersgrasp last night to try again on Archavon. This time we had a full raid group instead of trying to 9 man the fight. The problem was the tenth person was the third healer so we didn’t add any DPS. We wiped 3 times with the boss uner 10% due to the 5 minute enrage. On the 4th attempt we made sure to pop every trinket, use heroism, use anything else we could think of and he still hit the enrage timer. Luckily he was down to 3% and both the raid’s DK’s unleashed the Army of Undead. We got the boss down right as he killed the last member of the raid. We got the kill and the achievement but it wasn’t pretty.

Afterwards I joined a 5 man for a heroic run. Since it was late, I persuaded them to do Gundrak again. Since three of us had done Gundrak twice previously it had the advantage of being a place we knew and could hopefully clear quickly. It also has 5 emblems of heroism. I tanked, we had a hunter and holy priest that had been on the previous runs and this time we had 2 DKs for dps. What a difference the DK’s made! The prior runs I was 2nd or 3rd on DPS, which was a sad testament for the DPS that were on those runs. This time I was 4th, right where I should be, doing around 900dps. The DK’s ranged from 1100 to 1700 depending on the fight. The hunter was around 1500-2000dps. Having that dps made all the fights go so much easier than the previous runs. It felt more like running a regular instance, killing everything with AOE and no CC, pulling 2 groups at a time, etc.

And to top of the heroic run and 5 emblems, I got http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37645 the Horn-tipped Gauntlets off of Gal’darah. That is my first epic drop in WoTLK and my 6th epic counting crafted ones.

Tonight we hit Naxx.


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  1. Gratz on the gloves! Those are pretty sweet. We always get them to drop.

    I tend to be picky on who to bring for 5mans especially DPS.

    I learned this the hard way on my first run at Heroic Old Kingdom.

    Seein 2-3 of us in my guild always runs together we usually know who to bring.

    My boys(and gal) can do 2000-2300 dps easy so sometimes it’s ok for one weak dpser to be carried to help them gear out like what weve been doing lately.

    When we are going for a mount at Strat or just want to finish heroics quickly that’s where being a picky leader rears its head … it sucks but I gotta look out for the group when they just want the instance done.

    Comment by Herc — December 2, 2008 @ 6:08 pm | Reply

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